52 thoughts on “4.30

  1. Beautiful picture! I think that’s Jupiter that you captured. I look at it in the southeast sky every night.
    The doctors have GOT to help you with your sleep! My sleep is awful WITH meds, I can’t imagine what it would be without. Probably go back to being awake 3 days straight and having hallucinations…
    Sending BIG Hugs!!🤗🥰💌💌

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      1. It’s nice to wake up early occasionally… yes. Occasionally. Dawn and Sunset are both magical… but we’re supposed to sleep in between. Whichever in-between… maybe the Cap’n will share the couch and give you some pointers on sleep💤🐶😉💌

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  2. Oh wow!! I love waking up early to see that ❤️

    I guess you would drink tea, but in my case nothing is more chill than watching the sun come up peacefully with a nice cup of coffee ☕️

    That’s how you start the day!! It’s so peaceful at that hour ❤️ the world looks so perfect.

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      1. Awww … well doesn’t sound like you miss, or you have found replacements

        Not even pure dark chocolate huh? 😮 yeah I would have to be weaned lol

        And not to do TMI… but whatever – once a month – totally NEED chocolate!!! Lol 😘✌️

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  3. I got up at 4:10 a.m. but the weather was lousy, cold, freezing and raining cats and dogs, quite unusual for August. 3 days ago 34 degree Celsius just very normal for Central Europe. Climate change, not today. 🥶

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      1. Well no be the first time we have spent the entire weekend getting soaked there and not just frae the booze either. But has seriously not let up here at all all day. So much for the African heat wave we were promised eh?? Saying nowt re the category of as in so much else in terms of that

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      2. I imagine that you will be cold living on the fields. Managing to keep ours off. The last house the heating cost more each month than the mortgage so we tough it out till end of Sept. But horrible day yesterday.

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      3. Yeha. Me too. We switched to that Ovo energy this week after yet another price hike with whoever we were with. Monthly payment figures were certainly enticing but we will see of course.

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  4. Yuck. I was up at four this morning as well. Just tossing and turning. With “I like to sleep diagonally,” Declan right next to me. Hopefully, today will be easy for us. Fingers crossed!

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