Heralding a wonderful summers day – NOT

It’s been one of those wonderful Yorkshire Summer Days. Damp, exceedingly windy and cold. The cold that makes your toes curl. August and we have the heating full on. Not a day for cold drinks. It’s been steaming hot tea and decaf coffee. Hawklad has been on hot milk – on repeat. That’s a great way to get some calories into him.

August also sees the ongoing trials associated with my WordPress experiment. That pesky new editor. I am trying, really trying. I hear you shout – Your just so vexing. But I am trying to like the editor. But really should it be this hard. It crashes, it messes up formats, drops links. When you do get round to publishing then posts suddenly disappear or mess up. Comments go missing. And on and on. Even this grumpy Yorkshire man is easier to like than this so called editor.

But I will keep trying to get my head round it. Just like trying to get my head round this summer. Just like I’m trying to get my head round Hawklads food intake. He’s not had his weight officially tracked and assessed by the health professionals in over 2 years now. With the current service restrictions, it’s going to be well into 2021 before that happens. On the last assessment he was right on the edge of being ‘too underweight’ for his height. I think that he’s probably dropped below that now. So following the Paediatricians instructions I’m trying to get as many calories into him as possible. That’s not easy. He has such a limited range of foods he will eat. Over the years I have slowly managed to increase these so that he has 6 different main meals which he has over the week. It’s the same meals, weak in weak out. Not much scope to vary things there. Trying to get him to eat the occasional chocolate bar or bag of crisps helps. So does milk. So a cold day and repeated hot milks is a welcome bonus.

Yes a cold summer is good sometimes.

52 thoughts on “August

  1. Add some chocolate to the milk!! Hot chocolate, yum! August though… wow! I’m sweating, wondering if Ben will yell at me for wear only a sports bra and shorts and you’re freezing. Yeah… climate change is a myth.🙄

    Sometime it’s very difficult to find that positive, but with practice it gets easier and it keeps you going day to day.
    Keep finding those silver linings… and making me envious with your pictures of the sky.😉💌💌

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  2. So… not sure what kind of picky eater he is… but I am a picky eater and I created 3 of them myself lol (oops) 😘✌️

    My 18 yr old is the worst of the picky eaters… like your son, refused to try anything new, wanted same things – he could eat same every single day!!

    I could to, I only don’t cause I try to be an adult lol 😄✌️ But if you let me – I would want the same things also… I don’t mind that… You love what you love.

    I used to have a rule … for everyone – including me… once a week (not every day!!) there would be 1 “yummy-type” new food, my rule used to be 2 bites – and if didn’t like it… no problem, is gone… like a tv show… the pilot sometimes sucks, but if you give the second episode a chance – it might happen (not always so be ready for that)

    If you are trying to put on weight… high fat high carbs / so in other words delicious lol ✌️😘

    Cheese and dairy are good, grilled cheese? Those are yummy or cheese quesadillas (don’t make it all fancy – go easy) just tortilla and cheese.

    Sometimes my people would be more excited to try a new food if they helped MAKE it… and then when you eat what they make, be sure to say how delicious and make them smile… make them feel like a little chef – they can even pick what want to make.

    Milkshakes are always awesome!! Orange dreams, or purple cows, all yummy!!!

    I don’t like any vegetables cooked 😝😝 I won’t eat them cooked – that’s disgusting!! Potatoes yes, and umm 🤔 yeah that might be it lol ✌️ the rest must be not cooked 😝

    Broccoli 🥦 raw – with ranch dip … that is yummy (I would call them baby trees lol – my people would eat them like that lol )

    I never really loved celery with peanut butter (hated it with cream cheese) – but I did just like the celery by itself.

    Bananas totally yummy!! Banana splits even yummier!! Maybe have a movie night with banana splits – Oh my god! Now I want that lol … mmm chocolate drizzle ice cream bananas 🍌(I also love pineapple 🍍 and strawberries 🍓) but not nuts lol – so I would just omit those for us – unless the kids would want – but they never did.

    Bagels 🥯 with butter or cream cheese…

    Ummm 🤔 what else… chicken nuggets and French fries was always a winner and although boring / they always ate that.

    Spaghetti (some don’t like red meat so I would make the meatballs on the side for those that love red meat)

    My 18 yr old will not even still touch red meat. Since he could eat, he has hated red meat. I have always had to work around that

    Are you trying to fatten him up or get him to try new things? Maybe don’t do both at once – you want to make him enjoy food first…

    He’s probably always going to be picky… I am still picky… and so are my kids… the girl will try things more than the boys. The oldest (26) is now open to trying new foods… 18 is still as picky as ever!!!!!!! 18 is set in his ways.

    Don’t put stress on him to eat. He’s probably already really stressed by everything else.

    Think of it this way too… if things seem out of control to him, that’s an area he has control. Let him have it.

    Maybe come up with a cool recipe together?

    I know you have dietary issues – so this is gonna be hard on you. But welcome to life ✌️ your goal is to get weight on him…

    I don’t know exactly what kinda kid he is… but 26 is a texture kid… if the texture is not appealing – nope… he has always hated hated hated corn lol

    I dunno every kid is different – and you probably already try everything – just trying to think of any options for you.

    When I “would” (not anymore) go to restaurants – I would look at the menu like I “might” order something new – but I never would… I know what I like. Why try something new – if I already know I love that? I am content with the things I love

    While that might not be everyone’s view and might be hard for some to accept or relate to… I’m the one eating it. So I don’t really care lol … he might have a different view of food than you do

    I will taste new things “sometimes” for the experience. Sometimes I find new… sometimes I know I don’t like it.

    Don’t stress – it be ok. He will sense if you are stressed about his eating. That will make him stress

    If I am stressed I do not eat. Bad, I know, sometimes I don’t adult well lol 😘✌️

    But my tummy will be in knots. And it will make me throw up anyway.

    Also… hot chocolate with melted marshmallows – Oh my god! Yes please!!!

    Homemade hot chocolate is incredible – not the packaged

    Pancakes or waffles smothered in syrup – also yum!! And of course bacon lol – many options for yummy ness

    Sometimes we would even do “breakfast for dinner” it was odd but good lol (my parents would have never lol)

    Anyway hope some helps / that was my experience ✌️

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      1. Good I’m glad it helped some… yes just like first impressions… I just got my 26 yr old liking avocado 🥑… 26 years later 🤨😄✌️

        Things take time lol good luck!

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  3. Keep that milk flowing …

    Word press is losing posts of mine too, or moving them back into drafts which then creates havoc on the timeline when they have to be republished. Then the previous comments go missing

    Very frustrating

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  4. Always look on the bright si-ide of life. Been singing that alot to you on here lately. Nicer day here so far but it has been vile for the time of year. You really wish on your other subject there, that WP would just stop trying to fix what ain’t broken. I have very old classic mode bookmarked –like from way back–and that is what I still manage to use.

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  5. Same with my daughter and paediatrician input. Right now I’m just weighing her myself at home and as long as the numbers aren’t going downwards I try not to worry. But then she just keeps getting taller so that messes things up.

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  6. Hard to imagine not being able to eat enough (I’ve always had to starve) and hard to imagine it being so cold while it is so hot here. I don’t want to say anything about WP….I am always glad when I can publish without something going wrong.

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  7. Have you tried Hawklad on milkshakes? I used to make them up using Angel Delight/Instant Whip using a little more milk than suggested and poured it over vanilla ice cream.
    Difficult though. I have the same problem with Hubby. He’s losing weight but can’t eat certain things, nor can he eat a large meal, so it’s breakfast (porridge made with water), whatever I cook for lunch (we’ve bought smaller bowls so my curries do two days as well as my chilis now), then he snacks on whatever he fancies, usually rice cakes, a bowl of cereal, crackers, or today pecan nuts because I treated him, until around 6pm. Wish I could lose the weight instead of him as cutting down leaves me hungry all the time though I’m trying to stick to three meals a day.

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