The rain is finally starting to pass. The cold is moving on and the temperatures are slowly rising. Perfect time to visit a Rose.

Over time we all lose things that are so important to us. That could be love, friendships, people we care for, pets, our health, our passions, relationships, parts of our very essence, our personal freedom, a space to breathe in, that perfect job, our hopes and dreams. Life can be so very hard.

Often it’s so easy to think that you are alone dealing with these things. That no one understands. It’s such an unsettling feeling – thinking that no one GETS YOU. Believing that you are alone in these struggles. I’ve certainly been there. When you do open up, the awkward or baffled looks you get. The indirect suggestions to ‘get over it’, ‘move on’ or ‘sort yourself out’. The overt signals to ‘please shut up and change the subject’, not even wanting to listen. Often these come from those who seemingly know you the best or are close to you. Friends, family and partners. You do end up feeling isolated and alone.

But there are people out there who understand, who have been through similar experiences, who care or genuinely will listen. Just got to find them. Maybe they end up finding you. Maybe it’s just a random encounter. They could be many many miles away. That’s what happened with me. I’d given up hope, fully accepting that it was just me alone taking on this struggle. But I was randomly found. Suddenly I was genuinely listened to, understood again. BELIEVED IN. Now I don’t feel alone on this journey. Yes I can do this and if I do fall then support is there. A shoulder to cry on and a comforting hug. Will always be so very thankful for that. 💙

46 thoughts on “Get it

  1. WP may be frustratingly glitchy, but it’s a wonderful place to find kind, supportive, fantastic people! I will always be grateful for the friends I’ve found or that found me.
    Ah, you said it better than I can! And you’ve got a beautiful rose too!🤗🥰💌

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  2. I was actually talking about this self same subject with someone yesterday and things have been pretty tough recently for the pair of us.
    We had a project too work on together although we had never met and even during lockdown I have been working from my office, I got a call from this young lady who decided to visit and have a coffee and to catch up on how far we had got, most of what we had done was via phone call or email, anyway we hit it off straight away and have really become each other’s sounding board, she certainly helps me to see why my ex-partner is acting in a certain way and I help her with the mail viewpoint when she talks about her partner and their relationship.
    I would never believe that their isn’t someone ho will help you through the darkest of days and the longest of nights.
    Stay safe and take care.

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  3. The indirect suggestions to ‘get over it’, ‘move on’ or ‘sort yourself out’. – my dad got this from a friend about 3 months after my mum died. People who’ve never been through it will struggle to understand. But like you say, there are plenty of people who have been through it and do understand. It’s so important to know you’re not alone!

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  4. I think no matter what we are going through in life. We are dealing better with it if we feel understood. It doesn’t even need long talks but the feeling of being taken serious makes it easier to understand and accept ourselves and our feelings. Even though those “advice” is not wrong, it is easier said than done. Getting over something and leaving the past behind is a process and it happens when we are ready to let it happen. But maybe it happens faster when we feel understood. I love the advice you are giving here, Gary!

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