That’s me expelled from Yorkshire. A red rose……. Historically our greatest rival has been our neighbour Lancashire. We have had bloody civil wars and battled over who should have the English Throne. We are the White Rose County. Lancashire is the Red Rose County. To this day when our teams meet the matches are often called the Roses Game. Even sometimes – The War of the Roses.

I can get away with a red rose. I was born in a Yorkshire town but on the northern edge. The Yorkshire Cricket Team would play in my town once a year. A few years later and the government decided to have a local government reorganisation and suddenly we were kind of just outside my birth county. That’s my excuse anyway.

It really doesn’t matter what colour Rose you are. We are all in this mess together. Work briefly picked up. Glimmers of hope. But that didn’t last long. Most of the work programme has been cancelled again. We help to manage public events and deal with things like cycle races. Trying to stop the roads clogging up and looking after the safety of the competitors/public. Not a great line of work to be in during a pandemic. Most of the remaining events have been waiting for news on the upcoming London Marathon. If they run then we can. Well the London Marathon has now cancelled the public element of the race. It will hold a much smaller professional race with no spectators. Worse news is that next years marathon has already been pushed back months into October 2021. With all the money and resources they have available to them and they can’t run the event safely for well over a year. Crumbs…..

So our work programme is effectively wrecked until well into next year. We might get a few small events but hardly anything. Maybe a few ‘helping to manage drive in vaccination schemes’. But we can’t spend to long fretting over this. It’s really out of our hands. Not much we can do except batten down the hatches and try to weather the storm. Try to look after the pennies. It could be so much worse. So many don’t have a job. Now that is properly tough.

Much less work has many advantages. Yes it focuses the mind on money but look on the bright side. More time to focus on Hawklad. Much reduced carbon footprint – the mad car is hardly getting used, it’s been to the petrol station once since March. And other advantages.

I was sat on the floor in the bathroom cleaning the toilet. I’ve got a rock and roll lifestyle. Listening to some fine Canadian Rock – RUSH. Thinking what a good job I was doing getting the throne glistening white again. Normally toilet cleaning duties are seen as as a real chore. Something to be squeezed in to an overly busy day. Get it done as quick as possible. But today I could take my time. Do a proper job.

Now that’s finished it’s time to fold the bathroom sheets (toilet roll) into nice shapes – just like the hotels do. Now that’s a first…….

69 thoughts on “Red Rose

  1. Hello! Ugh, what a week, but you’re doing your best, just as I am. You are right–you still have a job, such as it is, which is still more than what many have. And you have wonderful time with your son, which is always a win. We must focus on our blessings and weather out the rest.
    And Rush! You and Bo can enjoy a good listen together. 🙂 Here’s hoping there’s a positive turn coming soon. xxxxxxx

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    1. Let’s so hope so. I think we have earned that by now. On the bright side, we both have got used to living without much in the bank account – so we can do this. So hope you guys are are happy and really hope that you do find some time for yourself. Sending happy thoughts to wonderful Wisconsin. xxxxxxx

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      1. Hmmm. Well, Wisconsin has notable rivalries with neighboring states Minnesota and Illinois; Michigan causes an occasional headache, and Iowa’s not perceived as any sort of threat. 🙂 Environmentally, we are under annual war with the deer tick, a nasty carrier of lyme disease…hmmm…our state animal is the badger while Minnesota has no state animal, WHICH MEANS WE WILL CONQUER THEM AND oh, sorry, got carried away there 🙂

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  2. Red Barchetta seems like a good toilet scrubbing song!🎶🚽🧽🧻

    I thought about all the little things I complain about, then I thought about all the blessings I have. 2020 is not my worst year, not even close. There are 2 or 3 that were way worse. I’m very lucky. And very grateful.

    Looking at the roses, having a clean throne, folding the paper (I sometimes do that for fun too😉) enjoying the small things… that’s the way to do it!💌

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  3. The views and priorities have totally changed and often go into the opposition. As you said, less competition but instead the world is basically working for the same goal right now (when even there are exceptions). But that is really big progress. I love the comparisons you drew with the roses. So true, who cares what color. They all grow on the same planet. And oh, how beautiful they are! I love this kind of red. Gary, you are lucky with your roses!

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  4. The one common thread of this pandemic that runs through many lives is that it has advertently helped us to focus on our roses – the little things in life that actually matter more than many of the mountains.

    Some of us got more time to be out in the sun. Some didn’t – but learned to be more thankful for scant minutes. We learned to cook and stretch meals. We learned to be more organised, neater even – it isn’t wise to pop into the shops every day, make a good list and do the shopping, if we forget something then improvise or live with it; suddenly everyone’s home and forever it seems so try to make a place for things, regularly tidy up so no added chaos to our worries and frustrations….

    In a tough way, we had to take a hard look at the way we had been living. I, for one, don’t wish to give this virus any more than it has already taken. So, I will try to be thankful for the many roses I found at this time.

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      1. I think we need a bit of the good old because not every thing about the new normal is great. With a good mix of some of the good in the old and some good from now, we might just be happier, healthier and more productive.

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