It’s Sunday so it’s must be time for our weekly virtual trip to beautiful Switzerland.

We have been so blessed to visit Switzerland so many times. The weather has virtually always been with us. Just stunning. But occasionally the weather closed in. One day it poured down. Rather ironically it was on a trip to Meiringen. To see the location of the the final battle between Sherlock Holmes and Moriaty. The village is a homage to the great detective. A little bit of England in The Alps. Of course it had to rain. Through the rain clouds the infamous Reichenback Falls can be seen.

But normally the sun shines and the views are almost to perfect to be real.

If anything these photos don’t do Switzerland justice. It is the most beautiful place I have ever visited.

Always something that takes the breath away.

But let’s not forget that as beautiful as the views might be……It’s always time to play with animals. Especially new ones freshly acquired from a lovely shop in Interlaken.

It’s always ice lolly time.

60 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. I gave in to mountain views too… (You’ll probably read this one first and wonder what I’m on about.) Naaaaaah you’ll get it. Yes, I am speechless too. I have words about Hawklad though: super adorable.

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  2. I love the photos! So beautiful as always. And your son’s photo with the statue made me smile. That is the same face Declan makes when he is trying to be near, but not TOO near that which makes him moderately uncomfortable. Civil War reenactors brought the look from his last time.

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      1. Yes mine was different in a foreign Country with no knowledge of anything. Unprepared but had to m leave my zcountry m of birth to protect my girl from a maybe possibility of see abuse when left a office manager working for the US Navy in Italy and became a o g dancer in the 80s. Yes is funny and sad. because even if remote. It was possible. Anything to protect our children

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  3. Thank you!! This is one Saturday Night that I really needed the beauty of Swiss Sunday! We had a rough patch at the end of the day… always so hard.

    I love how Hawklad is social distancing from Mr Holmes.
    I wish Ben had more fear sometimes. Just a little.

    Thank you for always making my Saturday Nights happy!💌

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  4. What an amazing place. I have never been there but it is definitely on my list now. I know exactly what you mean that the photos don’t do justice. The 3D impression is breathtaking and that is how I look at your pictures. Awesome!!

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  5. I agree. I have been to Lucerne and I spent six days in Geneva alone, feeling quite safe as a woman traveling alone. I went to the toop of the Alps, too, but in Chamonix, just over the border in France. I was enthralled by the endless vista of snow-capped mountains.

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  6. Thank you for once again sharing such breathtaking beauty!!! For just a moment, I can see these pictures and forget everything else. Looking at the 2nd picture makes me want to lie in that field of wildflowers and just breathe in the fresh air, look at the mountains, and ponder.

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