By the time you read this then hopefully Hawklad with have had a garden visit from his new nurse counsellor. We got a late go ahead with lots of safety caveats. Hopefully it’s a start.

Things are not easy for him. The hand washing is escalating. He now doesn’t feel able to touch taps or surfaces. Before he uses anything like an iPad then these have to be disinfected. All bedding including pillows have to be washed on a daily basis. Currently ok in the hot weather, dread to think what it will be like trying to dry pillows in wet weather. Clothes have to be changed several times a day. And this is just living in his home and garden bubble. A very small bubble. He hasn’t physically met up with another person his age since March. Actually I’ve not met up with anyone my age in months – it’s difficult since I predate the Dinosaurs…..

But there is always hope.

We have potential access to counselling. The weather is currently grand. We have a freezer filled with ice cream and slush puppy flavoured ice pops. We have a lovely (if slightly overgrown) garden. Hawklad has his pets. I have friendships. Birds of Prey fly close to the house. Disney Plus is ace. It’s the summer football break so my team can’t get beat. We live in Yorkshire. Nobody can see me make a fool of myself doing yoga.

So yes there is always hope.

51 thoughts on “Visit

  1. Some great positives there.
    I really hope the visit happened and went well. Iโ€™m keeping it all crossed for you and Hawklad.
    Remember โ€œall we are is dust in the wind, Dudeโ€ ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  2. Prayers for your son to be able to cope. And prayers for you as well. You really are an inspiration. I do hope things get easier for both of you and I hope the nurse’s visit was a success. Don’t forget to take care of you in all of this. It must be so incredibly hard.

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  3. You have my sincere admiration, Gary. I don’t know how you do it … washing bedding every day would, in and of itself, have me ready to jump off a cliff. You must have the patience of a saint. Big hugs to you and Hawklad. xx

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