It’s Sunday so it must be time for another virtual trip to stunning Switzerland. It might be four years since our last visit but the memories are still so strong.

Memories of vineyards, castles and walking through alpine meadows. The spectacular Alps always in view.

Walks along crystal clear lakes and through spectacular mountain valleys.

Beautiful towns and dramatic rivers.

A walkers and climbers paradise.

Some of the best views on the planet. And let’s not forget the weather.

Sometimes the weather in Switzerland demands two ice lollies. That means poor Dad misses out. The question is – how cold are the lollies.

The answer – VERY COLD.

But definitely worth it.

72 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. Today, my favourites were the 3rd & 4th photos – quiet homesteads, meadows and the Alps. I think all the bullies at my workplace should be given a chance to de-stress here. The peace and quiet would surely take the devil out of them.

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  2. I cheated and came to Swiss Sunday while it is still Saturday here! I needed the respite … and you did not disappoint! As always, beautiful pictures that suggest … peace … quiet … those things that are mostly missing in our lives these days! Thanks for another beautiful tour of a gorgeous country!

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  3. I recall memories of the Alps, one such was a persistent barking dog and having to say something calmly that sounded like “Va coo shay” before it would go away. The person with me knew what it meant. Oh the memories of the heat in summer and the freezing cold snow in winter. Beautiful place.

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  4. Orange and Vanilla, yummy! Almost a good as a fudgicle.
    Thank you for Swiss Sunday on Saturday Night! (I love that my phone learned that phrase😍)

    It was another warm one here, that water and those views make me feel cooler and refreshed just looking at them.😁💌

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  5. How beautiful!

    Lol you miss the best ice creams lol… I love those orange creamsicles 🧡 yum! But then again you got to enjoy the joy on that adorable little face! And then clean it later lol 😄✌️ he’s so adorable!!

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  6. Can see why you love it: mountains and lakes and rivers and green meadows and all those beautiful buildings….it’s like what you would put together if you could have everything you like.

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  7. I look forward to Swiss Sunday every week. Your photos are so wonderful and bring back happy memories of a country I love. I know HL was smaller then but he is soooo gorgeous. Hope you are both ok

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