After the briefest of heatwaves Yorkshire has gone back into winter.

This was midday.

Grey, windy, wet and chilly. You know it’s a great August Summers Day when at 6pm you have the lights and heating full on. Yes the woolies (sweaters) we’re back on as well. The string vests banished until Mr Sun decides to come back…..

But even on a slate grey day you have the potential to find something to lift the heart. To brighten and enrich the day. That happened to me. Feeling kinda grey on a grey day. Bit down, bit frustrated, a little hemmed in and a tad lonely. But then a beautiful life gift and the world seems a better place again. Definitely smiling again. Suddenly I’m more fun as a Dad to Hawklad.

Yes it’s still grey outside but even there ….. I can now spot other colours apart from grey. They were always there just I hadn’t opened my eyes to them.

72 thoughts on “Sunday Sunday

  1. This song came to mind

    Those berries are so vibrant! Are the edible?
    You totally got this! A little bit of feeling down is just as okay as laughter. As long as you dont get stuck there. I’d trade weather with you if it were possible. Still Mafting here!💌

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  2. What are those pretty berries??

    “Fire season” has arrived here. It’s so hot+humid today that I took a shower, put on fresh clothes, went outside for roughly 20min and had to go back indoors to take off my soaked clothes and shower again! Bleeeeech!!!

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  3. It cools down here for a short time then the heat comes back again. It has been raining off and on today and not too hot. I heard we are supposed to have a week with temperatures around 23′, so that should be quite nice as long as the sun comes out.

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  4. Does winter usually come this early in the year in Britain? They are having snow in parts of the U.S. as well. Freakish weather. Heat waves in some states, snow in others, tornadoes in others.. The unusual seems the norm now.

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  5. Of course here in Aotearoa New Zealand, it’s the tail end of winter and days are supposed to be miserable. But today for the second day running, there was no wind (rare in this part of the country, which is evidenced by the 3 large wind farms I can see on the sky line), and not a cloud in the sky (less rare). Although it was sub zero at dawn, by lunchtime it was 14°C in the shade and considerably warmer under the sun. The wife and I soaked up the radiation from the sun while we had a leisurely lunch outside for the second day in a row.

    A return to winter blasts is predicted for later in the week when a new front from the antarctic is due to arrive.

    Those berries can be summed up in one word: gorgeous!

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      1. Lol…. Tell you what thought did once get burnt on the Pap. It was cos the Mr took the after sun by mistake. Of course if I’d read the damned bottle, I’d have seen that but to quote the words of Mr Brightside… (which I certainly was Mrs of that day) I never.

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      2. Now I ain’t never been there. I know the Mr was staying in some van way way back round about the time I go arrested in Leningrad. Yeah you read that right. But I do gather it rains a lot there. In Skye. Life is nowt without memories. So??? Come on, tel about Skye.

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      3. K went there during the communist era. Think she nearly got caught as well….. Went climbing there once. 4 days and we never saw more than 2 feet in front of us. Basically it was tent, pub, tent. Not the greatest trip. They fog cleared at night but then the heavens opened and the campsite flooded every night. Lovely. x


  6. Chillier your way than here in Notts then, if you felt the need for heating. I had no heating on, or jumper and the windows open until I had to close some for the rain. I found it lovely and cool. Would have been muggy a little if I did not feel the air.

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  7. You know, sometimes feelings are hard to put into words. Or maybe I’m tired. 😀 That would definitely make it more difficult to put feelings into words. I enjoyed the read, however, my brain is giving me a rough time, so I just can’t find the words. I did enjoy the read though. It made me smile.

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