Grief definitely comes in waves to me. Sometimes the waves are gentle, other times they are storm filled beasts. The waves can crash over me, leaving me feeling as if I am drowning. Other times gentle waves bring solace and comfort.

So yes grief can bring sadness and tears. It can also bring comforting memories and reassuring flashbacks.

Plus as time has passed I have started to understand that even the really bad grief storms will eventually pass. The crashing waves will ebb.

Which waves will it be this week?

30th August sees the first Grief Cafe.

An online virtual meet-up led by The Grief Reality and YogaofLife. Details can be found here.

44 thoughts on “Waves

  1. Waves and grief are a very good analogy. They can crush you, empower you, bring cleansing, or even carry you. Grief has so many faces… but what it always does, it goes along with wonderful memories. Something no one can ever take away anymore.

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  2. I don’t know if its any consolation but the waves seem to have been enormous lately.. others feeling past pain and current shifts understand and the powerful love we feel for departed loves ones seems particularly strong right now.. Don’t keep your chin up how can you? Just ride them but I do understand feeling so inundated at times it feels too much.. Sending you lots of strength and love. I am better today but the last two evenings I was really bowled over myself. ❤

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  3. I like your observation that grief can be comforting and bring solace. That is something we don’t often associate with grief but it’s so true. Hope you are doing okay. 💕

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