It’s raining. I mean really raining. It’s so dark that I can’t get a photo….

So here’s one from a few years back. A duck getting wet. A Swiss Duck. A Duck that Hawklad would feed on a morning.

So imagine that weather but then think Yorkshire. Maybe replace the duck with some Rhubard. Now you get the picture.

Living in Yorkshire we are kinda use to the rain. I was bored this morning so I counted. It’s a thing us Accountants do. We can usually count to TWO without too many errors. So yes I counted the anti rain contents of our small house.

9 umbrellas – NINE – all of them boring. I need a cool one.

8 waterproof coats – EIGHT – plenty for any visitors needing a spare one.

4 pairs of waterproof trousers – bizarrely all the wrong sizes for me and Hawklad. One pair is so massive it’s even too big for me. The kind of trousers that you would need to take several steps before they moved.

3 waterproof hats – so one spare for a visitor. Some Yorkshire rain can seem to travel upwards so an extra layer of protection is needed in addition to an umbrella.

3 Wellington Boots – THREE – we are missing one. Stern look at the dog. But ok for a three legged race..

Add to that various waterproofing and anti rust products. It gets that wet here that sometimes even the skin needs even more help with the wetness. Maybe that’s the reason I have a face perfect for radio.

Now it’s time to try and mop out the pool forming next to the back door. We always have a bucket and a mop positioned there.

So completes another brilliant advert for the Yorkshire Tourist Board….

45 thoughts on “Rain

  1. Thanks for the big smiles. 😀 Yorkshire sounds like the place to be. 😀 You definitely need a cool umbrella. Unfortunately, you’re getting marks deducted, though, for that “face perfect for radio” comment.

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  2. We have had our bit of rain this afternoon as well. Not too much to cause any of our leaks to act up, but just enough. I have been meaning to fix a faulty caulk above a window causing it to drip into the house – but in my cleaning of the gardens last weekend I saw the biggest spider ever. Every day I check to see if the thing is still perched in its web – and I am not sure if it is sprawling to intimidate me (job well done) or maybe it just found that its favorite spot is directly underneath the said window. I keep waiting for it to turn over so I can confirm there is a red hourglass on its back (I think it has more green than red, although color blindness does run in my family). This spider almost deserves its own blog post. I just might…..

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      1. Another blog I follow had a picture of a jumping spider. The thing was huge and hairy, with ginormous eyes – but it almost appeared as if the spider was smiling. I don’t know if my spider is smiling, but I have now gained the knowledge that my spider can jump. Me, ladder, over top of spider, who may or may not jump… while smiling.. maybe…I am just hoping spider leaves before the hurricanes reach us (if they do).

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      2. Hey Robyn, Do you still have that website? I didn’t read your comment until after I wrote mine. Sounds like our spiders could be related. I really do not want to see it again, but if I can I am compelled to do so.
        Do you live on the Gulf Coast. I hope all is well for you and your family. I live about 2750 miles NNW of you. Google tells me it’s a 43 hour drive. Yikes.

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    1. June three years ago I was bitten by a spider that had about a four inch diamter body, with 6″ long legs. It landed in my girlfriend’s hair and almost made her lose her balance it struck her so hard. I knocked it to the ground, but it changed the course of it fall and landed my foot. Immediately, being scared as hell, it took a 1/4 inch bite out of my leg. I bled for about 5 minutes, me hoping any poison it might have injected into me ran right back out.
      Meanwhile, the spider squatted and sprang it the air. Seconds later two women across the road screamed, and I knew where it had gone. Man were those legs powerful.
      I felt no pain from my bite, so I never had it looked at that day. Next morning found me in the ER, in total agony, my leg below the knees three times normal size AT LEAST! The skin looked like it was ready to burst if it swelled any more. No anti-bacterial or anti-viral touched the bite, but eventually the doctor tried an anti-fungal shot, and the swelling started to go away. But I could not walk unaided for close 3 weeks. Not a good summer for me.
      As for my spider, I could only find one likeness of iton thevcomputer, but that spider was only supposed to grow to about an inch. Mine was easily the size of a sparrow.
      The weirdest features about it was a greed head on a black body, and the leg-joints looked like bright but translucent white circles. Weird, and scary.

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  3. Deeply Concerned (from ) Scotland just needs to know… that the numbers down the left hand side here are not part of some internet sequence IQ puzzle regarding waterproofs and wellingtons? If not Deeply Concerned will also go back to mopping, cos yeah you got it re the rain.

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  4. I kept hearing The Count from Sesame Street when I was reading the list… 9 umbrellas mwahahahaha🧛‍♂️🌂🤣🤣🤣… there you go… you need a Sesame Street or Muppets umbrella. That would be cool. Just please, for the love of all things holy and profane, NOT a Peppa Pig one😱💌💌

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  5. LOL! We have several umbrellas placed in strategic places (by the main entrance. in the vehicles and such) but I can’t remember anyone ever using one. I actually don’t even know where they came from because I never bought any of them.
    We keep a small hand-held vacuum by the door to clean up dirt and stuff so it doesn’t get tracked throughout the house.

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  6. I will have to make a post with pictures from when I visited Yorkshire (at least I think I did). Ha… my brain is addled sometimes, and it has nothing to do with age! That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

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  7. I never could get on with umbrellas. I got wet anyway, stuck someone in the eye and then lost the thing, so I stopped bothering and went for a mac with a hood. All that Yorkshire rain…isn’t it what gives Yorkshire lasses their beautiful complexion? English roses, right?

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