It’s definitely been good weather for fungi.

The first few days in September are often a little tough for me. My mind has a habit of drifting to a hospice in 2016. It’s only natural. Going back to a time of great pain and heartache. The last days of one life – in more ways than one. I remember thinking that it was the end of a book. The author was about to write the words – THE END. It did seem that way. I might be still here but now the words had stopped. It was just nothingness going forward. I would carry on as I had to be mum and dad for our son. But my storytelling had finished.

But life does go on.

Yes I experienced pain and sorrow.

But eventually more smiles.

The story continues.

Looking back now I realise that my partners book did end. But she was still an actor in Sons book going forward. My story did continue. September 2016 only marked the ending of a chapter. A new one started immediately. My story is still being told. New characters and themes are entering the books pages. Let’s see what the next page has to show me.

50 thoughts on “Book

  1. I’m sorry that the start of September is tough for you. Praying for you Superdad and wishing you all the best for those future pages. By the way, I may have decided on a title for my book today, so it’s interesting that you chose a book theme for your post. πŸ˜€ Matching socks…

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      1. It IS exciting. I was pretty happy. I just did a Google search to see what would come up. I was worded that maybe somebody had beat me to this title. What hasn’t been taken or done? Well, nothing immediate came up that was even close to it, so that’s a good sign. πŸ˜€

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  2. I like to think of life in the same way – chapters in a book and the story keeps on going. It is sad when parts of the story end – especially your experience. But the story will keep on going. I hope you have the best time seeing where your story takes you!

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  3. That is such a positive thing to say and you can because you see that. To see that and say that means you are that step further on this very difficult journey. No matter how you thought you stood still four years ago, even then you were moving. Certain of the year are harder, the replaying mech is in full replay mode. But today YOU have written this. xx

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  4. Gary, I am so often amazed by your ways of putting your life story and the way you have come in pictures and analogies. It is such a beautiful way to see us as actors AND authors. We write our stories with us in the center. But what a beautiful thing to say that we play on in the stories of others. Isn’t that what we all hope to do when we are about to leave this planet? Isn’t this exactly what we are trying to reach as long as we are here? This was so essential what you wrote here, Gary!! I suggest that you start writing a book. Your experience and the way you are looking at it would help so many in a similar situation!

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