****** this post may descend into shouting at the government *******

Apparently I am many things

  • A bad parent,
  • Scaremonger,
  • Irrational,
  • Unpatriotic,
  • Have no morals,
  • Coward,
  • Selfish,
  • Life chance basher,
  • Union supporter,
  • Left wing troublemaker,
  • Part of the problem.

These are all terms which the government and its chosen media friends have labelled those who have raised doubts over the decision to fully reopen schools. At those parents and teachers who are not yet convinced that schools are as safe as they should be. It’s no surprise as Boris has a mantra – you are with me or against us. Well I’d rather be against you…..

So if the likes of me are going to be demonised well I might as well set out a few facts for Boris. I’m sure he is a facts man.

  • Actually I want schools to open. But I want our schools to be safe for children and adults. I also want them to be modern, inclusive and true sites of learning. Sadly run down cramped classrooms operating under Victorian principles are just not good enough.
  • Repeating ‘they are safe’ over and over again without backing that up with actions isn’t going to win me over. Remember this is the government that said it had thrown a protective wall around care homes – lies – tens of thousands died as a result.
  • No real change has taken place in schools. A few more hand washing facilities. Some one way markings. Giant group bubbles. Masks on school buses, sometimes in corridors but not in classrooms. To Boris why make meaningful change when it’s much easier and cheaper to demonise teachers and parents for any failings.
  • ‘They are safe’ would imply that a deal has been done with the virus so that it won’t venture into school buildings….. Children can get it. Children can pass it on. Adults can get it.
  • By bringing in giant year group bubbles schools are said to be perfectly safe. What about the adults in the system. Teachers, support staff, parents, grandparents.
  • How does the ‘they are safe’ phrase work for pupils and adults with underlying health conditions.
  • How long does it take a government to bring in an effective testing and tracing system. In March we were told we had a world class one. April we were promised a world class one by June. In June we were told it wasn’t a priority anymore. In August they can’t decide if we need one or not.
  • It’s ok showing glossy pictures of modern classrooms with a handful of pupils studying in socially distanced bliss BUT the reality is that too many children are crammed in crumbling classes with at least 30 other classmates and teachers – social distancing is impossible for them.
  • Issuing pandemic guidance to schools on a Friday before many schools open again 3 days later is beyond shambolic.
  • Young people gathering outside a school in groups of 30 are liable to be fined £10000 for breaking social distancing rules yet put them in a class and suddenly it’s completely safe.
  • Parents considering the safety of their children are not the threat to life chances. The threat to life chances is a government that intentionally messed up the exam grading process for thousands of pupils this August – many have lost university places as a result. It’s a government that is hell bent on taking education back to the 19th century. It’s a government that intentionally discriminates against children with learning disabilities. It’s a government that sees kids taking time off for bereavement as an extended holiday.
  • So parents will be fined for not sending their kids into school even if they think it’s not safe. Yet Boris fully backed his Chief Advisor when he broke lockdown rules. He apparently was doing what any caring parent would do. So a caring parent would drive 200 miles as a family to their grandparents country estate hours after testing positive. Stopping off for petrol on the way. Then a couple of days later drive 30 miles on your wife’s birthday to a tourist location. Apparently this was to test the advisor’s damaged eyesight and to see if he was fit to drive – with their poor toddler sat in the back seat. It’s not even double standards.

In short the real enemy to our children is not parents. It’s not teachers. It’s not even a virus. It’s the Government.

52 thoughts on “Reality Check

  1. U.K. or U.S., Boris or Trump, the bottom line is these monsters are putting our children in a dangerous situation then threatening the parents if we don’t adhere. The problem is indeed the government, even more than the virus.

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  2. I completely agree with you and I think they should drop the fines till the end of the year.

    I agree that we can’t keep hiding from it and its going to be around for a while, but its going to be around a lot longer if he keeps on with his plan and as a parent on the financial breadline, we can’t afford £160 a day to keep our son off.

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      1. I saw that, they need to blame someone anyone but themselves.

        All we can really do is hope that the Tory Backbenchers and Labour MPs actually listen to what people are saying and do something about it, before the rest of Europe do a Trump and throw a wall up round us

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  3. Wow at first your opening statement was funny … but then as I read – they seem like a bully … trying to force things on people

    That is not the way to govern… to force – eventually that’s going to cause massive issues… both in government and people’s lives

    And that’s not very patriotic is it? I don’t know about you… but I would want my people to be strong and happy … to speak with admiration of their country and leaders

    And there is a deadly virus here – how many people have to die before these leaders catch a clue?

    How do they not want to protect their people and their country…

    Here were have a enemy that happens to be a virus… yet instead of protecting the country – is almost as they are handing people over to it!!!

    Do you understand my meaning? If this was another country killing your people – there would be war

    So what is the difference to them? I do not understand – how do they not see how dangerous it is!!

    Your government is even more lax than mine!! We lead the world in deaths here yet they still want to reopen everything.

    And they pat themselves on the back for doing such a great job… in what fantasyland are they living?!!

    What a moron, sorry… we have one too! It is ridiculous… they are clueless and not in touch with their people – like a bunch of delusional leaders in huge countries – what the hell???

    They should not be in power

    So… when are you running? 😘

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      1. Oh yes there are… we have massively die hard Trump supporters too!! I know a few – they do not waiver and like the upheaval – think is a good thing and they like his strength. Not pushed around – instead does the pushing🤨

        They say he does a good job and he has helped the economy 🤨 … again I am not sure what fantasy world they live in but whatever lol

        But yes… our election will be interesting and curious to see what will happen when/if (🙏) Trump loses

        Both with how Trump takes it… and how his supporters take it. 😮 things gonna get crazy come November for us.

        It’s been exhausting for sure… ours does not think before he speaks 🤨 removes all doubt of what a moron he is!

        But ya know for us… was either him or Hillary 🤨… and she was bad too… lies and things. But she did have political background – people just wanted change and people don’t really trust the Clintons.

        Politics just suck and have been corrupt for a long time now!! We have to take what happens 😳😮

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  4. My blood boils every time I read about your school experience. Gar!!!!! I am descending into pirate talk I am so ticked off. While I am not thrilled that the kids are going to be going back to school given that between myself and Tember our exposure is massive. Him at school and me at work. However having said that at present my understanding is that the students will be in cohorts. These students will sit together, have lunch and recess/break time together, they have designated areas outside that the cohorts will be allowed to only use theirs. This will help to trace any outbreaks that may occur. Once we have our meet the teacher on Friday I will have a better understanding. Now this is the decent side of things. I hate to say it but it has come……Hawklad is not going to be able to function under those conditions. Everything that you have said about his learning flies in the conventional face of your education system. He needs short periods of time where he is allowed to move as you have written. He does not want to be a part of Zoom community and who can blame him? I hate the way I sound and look on camera as well I can only imagine the horror as a teen. Ugh. Any how as always I have gone off on a rather long winded pointless take up your reading time response to……your gov’t is so stupid. That is all my inner mean girl can come up with. Stupid. Mind you when you look around it is interesting to see that the blowhards and lets pretend the world is going to return to normal in……..they kinda look a like too. Hugs to you and Hawklad. 🙂

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    1. They just don’t care. Even now they are basically saying that if a few teachers and kids die then it’s worth it for the greater good. Well I don’t buy into that. It’s about time some countries started voting in leaders who actually care about people.


  5. This incumbert shower are causing so much damage to our country. It will take many decades to recover. Whenever anything goes wrong (and it seems to be happening a lot to this hapless bunch) they simply blame someone else. I work in the civil service and for virtually my whole working life in the public sector. This lot have caused such damage to our public services (remember it is our money) whilst bolstering and protecting the very richest in our society. I loathe them more with each day that passes. Your post articulates well the pain many of us are suffering at their hands.

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  6. Going back to work in a school tomorrow. Dreading it. Not especially because of the virus itself (though obviously that is a concern) but because of the total shambles it’s going to be. So many missed opportunities to improve our education system. The exam farce is going to look relatively minor compared to what we’re going to see happening in schools in the next few weeks. And it will be the most disadvantaged and vulnerable pupils who suffer disproportionately.

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  7. Young people gathering outside a school in groups of 30 are liable to be fined £10000 for breaking social distancing rules yet put them in a class and suddenly it’s completely safe.

    I know this is a serious post G, but the child Aspie in me loved this paragraph above 🙂

    Excellent post by the way – that’s the non Aspie adult in me saying this 🙂


  8. Trump said he would send his son back to school. School has delayed opening by a month and weighing options after that. Private school has more common sense than the man running the country. I feel your pain

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