You get days when you can just let the crashing waves of life wash over you. Serene in the knowledge that you are at one with the world. Accepting of the challenges and hurdles that lie ahead. Prepared to just put on the kettle, breathe, smile and then calmly deal with the issues facing you.

Then you get other days…..

Today is one of those days. I don’t like swearing. It’s not big or clever. But today


No serene model of self restraint. Much more Hulk Smash.

I was fine with the washing machine suddenly sounding like a pneumatic drill. Ok smashing another cup. Fine with the cat repeatedly missing his cat litter tray. Accepting of not feeling 100% today. But school and the education system today has got under my skin.

School have officially confirmed that they will not be able to provide any additional support if he is not able to start back at school. The online teaching system will be not available. No online lesson support. The only support will be that some basic class notes may be available after lessons on the school system. But these will be patchy and only for some lessons. This classroom notes facility has been in place for a year. In practice it’s a great idea however in practice very few teachers use the system. They stick to the white pen and marker pen approach. It was also confirmed that no dedicated teaching support would be provided. No home visits I can understand but no telephone or email support – really. The local council apparently would normally provide some support in these cases however that service has been reorganised and is not currently available. But apparently I’m supposed to ensure our son follows the curriculum so he doesn’t fall behind his class mates.

OK. So in practice I am none the wiser. Feels like we have been cast adrift but then expected to keep up with a rapidly receding school ship. It appears to me that school would be delighted to force us out and into full on homeschooling. But that’s not for me or the school to decide. That’s our Sons decision. One I will make sure he decides for himself.

So yes I am ON ONE. One step forward and then two back.

61 thoughts on “On one

  1. I’m sorry… That not the way it should be with the school system or the world. There should be way more support for those in need of extra help. That’s our backwards world. It’s not God’s plan that’s for sure. Hang in there Superdad. You are not alone.

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  2. Dad, you have every right to be seriously pissed off! Without online lesson support, you are being forced to send your son to school. What a world we live in! I hope that you and other parents in the same position can find a solution to providing your children with the schooling and support they need.

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  3. WE will make sure our kids learn what they need to learn.

    Stupid schools!!
    They’re lucky I’m so far away, I’m mad enough to yell at someone through my mask from 6 feet away!

    Hawklad deserves better!

    Ben’s school tries, but Zoom is becoming a curse word.


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  4. Somehow I missed this till now. I am so sorry and feel upset for you both, as I have for all our special needs kiddos that have been getting lost in the shuffle. Happens way too often. 😔 You know your boy and how he learns, though. I can tell he is a very intelligent, perceptive young man in just reading of your conversations.Take your cues from him and make his learning unique to him. Praying all the best for you.

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  5. Sometimes I think the whole of life is like that….two forward, three back. How does this always happen? Oh, I know…governments design it that way to keep the masses down. I’m beginning to believe it. You should be pissed off Gary.

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  6. I am so sorry. This is all very wrong. Not a healthy environment for your son to have to go back to emotionally and physically.. Pushing him is just too much. I pray you find the answers that will work for him and keep him healthy.😔

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  7. This is so shocking to me, but at the same time, really not surprising. I feel exceptionally lucky that our district is providing a full online option for students, but I’m fully aware that so many schools do not and that is just here in the US. It is horrifying.

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  8. Gary, I would be ticked off too, in fact totally enraged. It sounds like the universe was sorely testing you even before you received that news. I am so sorry you’re going through this. Stick to your guns, there has to be someone higher up you can take your concerns to, right? At least, I would hope so. That really is unacceptable. Sending my full support as well as my sympathy. Hang in there, Gary.

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  9. Yeah I don’t really like your schools or school systems over there.

    Well… let me think… they suck and they severely lacking in many areas…

    Maybe he would actually be better with you?

    You know him, you know how he learns –

    I can say this… I homeschooled my 18 year old when he was 10 years old for one year… if I was able to do more at that point I would…

    It was hard – but I am ocd with stuff like that… so I went all in… got the curriculum … planned out the lessons ahead of time… scheduled field trips and other school related things that related to the lessons. I even worked in those boring school videos they make you watch sometimes (I don’t find them boring – but my kids do)

    What I realized is the school glosses over many subjects really fast to get through it because they are require to teach certain things and only have so long to do that – and with so many kids … I was shocked how much I had to reteach because it had been glossed over.

    By the time he went to 6th grade he was ahead of everyone else… and I find that with homeschooled kids. They are pretty brilliant.

    They have one on one teaching if the parent is able… and no bad influences

    They begin to have a love of learning

    If you do take that route … you will have to school yourself… meaning learn everything you can about how to help him learn, how to balance the curriculum, how to plan lessons… it is a lot but it is manageable once you get it down. I know you could do it

    It is frustrating though, you were thrust into this… maybe things happen for a reason? Maybe he is better off with you?

    I bet you could do a better job… for the schools it’s just a job – what do they care – just another kid…

    But with you… you actually care and already know him… he is not just some kid getting lost in the system.

    I wish you had help though!! You would not only have to school him, but also work with him and his things. That would be a big undertaking

    If you can do it and you think you can – I say do that.

    If it is a hardship for you and you don’t think you can… then that’s going to be harder without putting him back

    Let me ask you this… IF he goes back to school – will they give him help ? Or is it ALL shut down?

    If it is all shut down – what is their purpose? They are supposed to help kids learn and grow… and especially in your case – I would think he would have a lot of aid

    Yeah I don’t like them either! I would be pissed too. I’m sorry you go through that.

    Impressed by you though… you have held it through pretty strongly so far!!

    Who knew we were all gonna get teaching degrees lol


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