Somebody is fascinated with looking into our garden. I wonder what the view is like?

2016. I keep coming back to that year. A lot of things happened then. It set the agenda for the following years. But I want to focus on one seemingly innocuous thing from that year.

We were visiting my mum in hospital on a daily basis. There was quite a bit of waiting around. That’s tough for an 8 year old. An 8 year old Aspie with ADHD. He needed distractions. My mobile phone and the games became that distraction. They would work for a few minutes before he grew restless. Then it happened.

I downloaded Pokemon Go. I had no idea what it was but it sounded cool. He loved Pokémon so what could go wrong. That was early July 2016. He was hooked. Suddenly he could happily wait. He could be distracted for hours. It helped keep him sane through the next few weeks of hell.

Four years later he is still playing the game. It is still working it’s magic. A stress buster. A challenge. An interest. A way of feeling part of a community. A sense of achievement. An easy way to keep beating his Dad.

Thank you Pokemon Go.

51 thoughts on “Pokemon

  1. We loved Pokemon go (and still do on occasion). My youngest was obsessed with all things Pokemon for a while and when he didn’t have his own phone he played it on mine. I was often seen walking through town, on my way home from work, catching a few rare ones for him!

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  2. You know, I’m not a big fan of video games, but that’s primarily because A)I didn’t grow up with many and B)I never had the patience for them. When Bo’s uncle loaned us a Wii this spring, I did like how it got the kids to move around, jump, swing, etc. without destroying the living room. Biff and Blondie especially love playing games on there, but Bash, I guess, is a bit like me–he doesn’t mind looking on now and then, but he’d much rather have the adventure on his terms in his world. I suppose Pokemon Go would be a blend of the two…hmmm…


  3. That is one game Declan hasn’t played yet and it sounds like a game he would really enjoy. I might have learned a thing or two from you, Superdad! The game sounds like a major win!

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  4. Yeah Pokémon and Pokémon Go are amazing

    Pokémon has been in my life since they started with my oldest – and it’s just always been there!

    Pokémon Go is a way we all play together ❤️ my oldest finds everything immediately – he is the video game guru lol … or the game guru actually … any game 🙄😄

    I’m glad you found Pokémon’s spark!! It is pretty awesome!! ❤️

    I even have a Pokémon on my car – when I get a new one someday… I am putting Pokémon back on it. I just like it there ❤️✌️

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