This was a year ago today. Hawklad at a Rugby International. England v Italy.

How times have changed in one year.

Who would have imagined that 365 days later 52000 people crammed into a stadium would seem like a pipe dream. No thought of masks or social distancing. No nervous sideways glances when someone coughs. No need for personal and family bubbles. Well that’s not strictly true.

Even that night we tried to manage social contact. Carefully mapped out our plans. Trying to watch the entertainment outside the ground from a safe and less busy distance. Arriving at the ticket gate at the quietest time. Refusing the crowded lift option and walking up the 7 flights of stairs. Eating our takeout food in a place away from others. Getting to our seats early so we don’t have to squeeze past any strangers. Ensuring Hawklad is seated between me and his uncle. Hoods allowed over the head when needed. Having my mobile fully charged so Hawklad can focus on playing games rather than worry about the increasingly full stadium. Waiting for the crowds to thin out before leaving.

That is our Aspergers world. It was like that in 2019. It’s always like that. It didn’t start with a pandemic. It won’t end when the pandemic has gone. It’s our world.

31 thoughts on “One year ago

  1. I have wanted to do the same – look back and see where we were at this time however many blogging years ago. What a difference! One of the memes I have seen lately that made me laugh was: In 2015 not one of us got the question right to, “where do you see yourself five years from now?”
    Who could have ever anticipated such a turn of events? And how those would affect the mind of a boy with Aspergers. So different, such a challenge!

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  2. I just hope Hawklad can learn to manage his germ anxiety so he can enjoy outdoor shows with you. Whenever we have outdoor shows again. I know concerts were a thing he really enjoyed and felt comfortable attending. It makes me sad how much this stupid Kootie has affected his mental state.
    You are doing an awesome job keeping him as comforted and distracted as possible. I hope the Nurse can help more.
    I wanna see more headbangin from Superdad & Hawklad!🤘💌💌

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  3. I like that world also… nothing wrong with that.

    I can do crowds – but I just don’t like it too much – makes me nervous. Not a big deal… I just like peace and space lol

    Is that not normal? Lol

    I am way more like your son. You say things and I think ooohhh I understand that

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  4. How exciting though. I love rugby and an international game .. wowzers. I’d be happy with watching it like that. I’m not big on crowds really. Sounds like a great way to enable your son to enjoy and feel comfortable.

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  5. I feel really sentimental while reading your blog as I could see myself relating to that, I have been trying to understand my brother with asperger. Therefore, I truly wish you and Hawklad the best of very best and Hawklad is extremely lucky to have a Dad like you x

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