The scene after I had just finished my early morning exercise session. I might be tired but it’s so nice exercising outside, in the sun, and yes when it’s almost warm. Not so much fun in a few months time when it’s freezing, dark and chucking it down with rain.

Well finally school has broken into some action.

  • A confirmed timetable
  • A list of teachers
  • Some class materials starting to appear on the system
  • Some work assigned
  • A method of submitting work kind of established.

Took some negotiating but at least we have a start. Something to work with.

Ok Dad it’s your favourite subject, ART. What do you know about Japanese Art? And don’t mention Manga…”

Errrmmmmmmm. Let me think for a few minutes. Manga!

Useless Dad. Ok apart from Manga what do you know about Japanese Art?

Errrmmmmmmm. Godzilla.

That’s not much help. Apart from Magna and Godzilla, what do you know about Japanese Art?”

Errrmmmmmmm. Mothra and Ghidorah

Still not much help DAD. So apart from Godzilla monsters do you know anything about Japanese Art?”

What about Rodan.

Dad no more Godzilla monsters. Your basically going to be not much help as usual.”

Yes Hawklad, sadly no help at all unless Art becomes a Godzilla Fight Scene.

Useless. Mum would have been a great help. She was great with Art and Culture. I’m stuck with comic boy…”

Yes but your mum would be no use when King Ghidorah attacked. It’s all about priorities. And your mum liked comics. I once bought her the complete TinTin comic compendium.”

Don’t you think mum would have preferred some flowers.”


But in my defence the previous Christmas your mum had bought me a ‘Dance Hits of the 80s’ cd. She knew a metal head like me would really appreciate that type of music. So you don’t always get what you want.

Bit like me and wanting a parent who might know just a little bit about Japanese Art…”

64 thoughts on “Morning has broken

  1. Oh, thank you for such a great post! Smiling and chuckling. Your exchanges are so enjoyable. Hawklad is such an astute observer and I can tell you two have a great bond. Thrilled to hear there are signs of life on the school front! It’s about time! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  2. I know nothing about Japanese art other then the fact that I love The Great Wave of Kanagawa a woodblock print by Hokusai. But as I am typing this Iโ€™m thinking itโ€™s maybe not a good image to focus on with all the talk about a second wave of COVID. Sorry.:(

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  3. Ukiyo wood prints; 36 scenes of Mt Fuji; brush painting competitions; kite painting; indigo dye; tatami mats; carved wooden room dividers; washi paper….
    I watch a lot of japanese tv.

    What a beautiful morning. We’re still waiting for smoke to clear. I saw a,news report that it now stretches all the way to New York… roughly 3,000 miles (4800km)

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  4. When we teach what we know it gets diluted again and again… on and on learning shrinks, but when we show how to research into things, studying first hand the how, where, why… and always with kindness and patience, then humanity wins hands down.

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  5. Haha excellent now l know what to get you for Christmas – a boxed set of Japa…… nope the complete boxed set of Rick Astley performing renditions of the worst 80’s Dance Hits – you’re gonna love it!

    Terrific post by the way.

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      1. It’s a start.
        If it doesn’t give enough, it means you have to step in more.
        And you will.
        Because you care.
        Because you have the smarts for it.
        Just not for Japanese art, maybe.


  6. When it comes to Japan, almost everything can be art. Tea ceremony is an art. And of course there’s no denying the the classical Japanese garden is a living work of art.

    Then there’s the performing arts such as Bunraku, Noh, Kyogen, Kabuki.

    How about the the ice artwork that’s created in Hokkaido Festival in February. It’s one item still left on my Japan bucket list. Unfortunately the wife isn’t interested. She wants to follow the cherry blossom season as it moves from south to north. That way the season is extended from a fortnight to well over a month.

    Also consider gastronomy. This is a form of art the Japanese have taken to extreme visually.

    Woodcut prints are another well known artform. Another commenter has mentioned The Wave. One of my favourites is Mt. Houraisan by Taikan Yokoyama

    Art is considered to be less secular in Japan than in the West. It often has a spiritual, almost mystical component. There is the concept of kami, which essentially that everything has a life force. Artforms often attempt to show a reverence to this experience.

    And manga most definitely is an art form regardless of what Hawklad thinks.

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  7. What does he want to know about Japanese art? It comes in many styles … calligraphy, sculpture, ink painting and pottery.

    Lol Manga ๐Ÿ˜„ yes that too

    And aww cโ€™mon ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„ that would be hilarious – you donโ€™t rock it out to 80โ€™s dance music? Lol you can still rock that… anything from the 80โ€™s rocks โค๏ธโœŒ๏ธ

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