Apparently we are in this all together.

In the UK our Test and Trace system is supposed to be World Leading. Sorry time to shake head and mutter. In practice it has collapsed for many. This true story says it all. Schools are struggling to get those showing symptoms tested. In many areas tests are just not available. I know one school where a number of teachers and students are showing symptoms but local tests have not been available for over a week. The only option for those who are sick has been the offer to travel on a road trip to Shropshire for a potential (not guaranteed) test. That’s a round trip of 470 miles. Because test results are not available the school has not been allowed to go into full lockdown measures.

Remember we are all in this together.

Yesterday our loathsome government told us to Stop Carping and celebrate the phenomenal success of the government’s Test and Trace approach.

Ok I will try. I’m a simple person. I’m seeing an approach which has a Test and a Trace system. Most can’t get a Test, there is a massive backlog of test samples (more than 200000), timeframes are missed, sick are having to travel for hours and then queue, results are inaccurate, we don’t have enough kits. Ok. Let’s look at the Trace system. Currently even by the governments own figures the tracing system is contacting way less than 50% of those they urgently need to contact. That’s an awful lot of people who should be shielding who just don’t know. So in our phenomenal Test and Trace system – Testing has failed, Tracing is failing. So ok if we exclude the test and trace elements, then the Test and Trace system might be a phenomenal success.

Remember we are all in this together.

If you to virtually all schools in the country, they have returned without tests. It’s not considered important for those teachers, pupils, support staff and families. Only when someone has symptoms is it then deemed necessary to have a test.

Many of our government went to a very select and expensive private school – Eton. When Eton returned all staff and pupils had covid tests whether they needed them or not. It was deemed essential for them.

We are all in this together.

74 thoughts on “We are in this together!

  1. I totally hear you (minds eye/ear of course). Here I’ve been for a test in a centre and it was difficult to arrange back then, but for the person giving me the heads up as to how, I too might have had to give up on trying. It would have been much worse if my symptoms had been full blown, so I can see people slipping through. I took up some care work to help fill a gap and have available to me a weekly test to make sure the clients and other staff are kept safe, that and full PPE. How staff in care homes coped without it at the start of this plague, well actually they didn’t… We live in times of near tears for some and totally apathy and {{swear words}}} from others. Sorry, this seems to have started a rant in me.

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      1. I totally agree, they are educated to be CONvincing masters of the masses and are actually Sneaky Little Hobbitses! Although I personally don’t feel the gold rush draw towards what others consider “Precious” and am more your “Live simply, so others may simply live” type.

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      1. Its ok, Downing Street have denied that claim, a bit like they denied Cummings going on his jolly. Also, not sure if you have seen it, but Grant Shapps was interviewed on breakfast tv and said “not as far as I know, but I don’t track him every hour, but it is in the travel corridor”

        Of course it is, if the PM wanted a holiday,

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  2. All in this together? What utter BS. Protecting lives? PoppyHancock. Making money? Ah yes, the hunt is on. Hancock was pushed about tests on the radio this morning. What an A’hole……… his numbers fluctuated per sentence. They have no clue, but yeah, THEY are all in that together. Keep safe Gary.
    It’s up to us to look out for ourselves and our loved ones as our caring government certainly won’t.

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  3. What the government means is THEY are all in ON it together… the complete fleecing of what money they can get. And YOU’RE all in it together… the ship sinking into the cow pies.🙄🤦🏼‍♀️
    The whole world has gone mad! The elitists are going to find out that when people have been pushed into a corner and feel they have nothing left to lose, there are more of US than THEM. It might (probably will) get messy, but balance will eventually be reached again. Or they’ll annihilate us all.🤷🏼‍♀️

    All we can do for now, is keep doing the right things for us and keep head-banging!🎶💃🏼 (the music kind, not the self-injury kind🤣🤣🤣)

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  4. I heard about one couple (a friend of a pastor I know) signed in for a test in Florida, waited for hours in line then got fed up and left. The next day they had an e-mail to tell them they were both positive. How’s that for efficiency? Results without the test. You’ve got to wonder…

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  5. I saw the speech, and couldn’t believe the callousness of it and the obvious blame shifting. Even down here our Fed politicians are hampering the states (who are doing a brilliant job in spite of). Some of us are starting to shout – put people before money and ego.

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      1. Tony Abbott. He is a tool, cannot believe you took him on, he was a disaster as PM, an ultra conservative, and although highly educated, can’t string a sentence together well. No vision either. Still you’ve got him so we don’t have to worry 🙂

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  6. I read about a couple of people in southwest England who were referred to Wales. The university my son goes to opened its dorms and has (very) random testing. They also have dorms for those who become sick. They don’t have food service or standardized cleaning routines in the quarantined area. I’m very happy my son commutes from home. Collegiate football starts in a couple of weeks. Common sense is not being taught

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