This is the kind of house that just seems to encourage losing things. Lots of things. Which is remarkable when you consider it’s smallish bungalow. Including the garage and the loft, we only have 8 locations for stuff to mysteriously disappear. But it does. All the time.

The house is the home just to boys these days. That includes the pets. So we can definitely say that THE BOYS HAVE LOST THINGS.

Already today we couldn’t find

  • Hawklads FIFA 20 games disk,
  • The new pack of Weetabix,
  • My bank card to pay for something online,
  • My car key,
  • One of my socks – followed instantly by shouting at the dog,
  • A black pen. Can find loads of other colours but not a black pen which Hawklad needs to do a little homework,
  • My new pack of tea,
  • The laptop – how can you lose a laptop….
  • A pair of scissors,
  • My fitness band,
  • The WiFi passkey,
  • The new pack of batteries I bought on Thursday,
  • My mobile,
  • The book I’ve been trying to read for a couple of months now, frustratingly I only have 4 pages to go. It went missing while I was reading in bed. It has been lost for weeks. Ransacked the bedroom today, still no sign. It’s a rubbish crime story but I just want to find out who did it…..

That’s a typical day here. Boys will be boys….

But at least we found time to talk today. We ended up talking about our lockdown and the stuff that we miss. The things we have lost in our own little worlds. For me it was being around people.

Running in the countryside and walking in the mountains.

Going to see my team get beat. Spending time with the friend I meet up with.

We both agreed on missing concerts.

We also both agreed on missing going to Switzerland.

Hawklad talked about not going to zoos and falconries as much. Not being able to have a takeout or pop in for a real ice cream. Not being able to meet up with some of his friends. Missing out on not visiting the seaside.

Not going to wrestling shows.

And not being able to visit historical sites.

There was more but you get the point. Lockdown does have an impact on all our worlds. It means making sacrifices. But we do that all the time. The worry is that too many kids are losing out of key parts of their childhood. It’s about making the best of what we do have. Still trying to make memories. Remembering to keep living.

48 thoughts on “The boys have lost things

  1. Oh my gosh, in this house I am the one that everyone goes to for all things lost. Like I have any clue! Three members of this family walk mindlessly, focusing on meeting their immediate thought, leaving a blazing trail of wonder behind them. How can I keep up with that?!
    I miss seeing and listening to the ocean. I don’t meditate often, but when I am near the ocean the deep breathing just automatically beings. So refreshing. We will see what we miss again! It might be a bit, but I am hopeful we can do the things we miss again. Fingers crossed!

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  2. Oh! I have lost books like that before….Soooooo frustrating! There is much we are losing in the midst of this pandemic. That stuff is way more important than a lost novel and I have a feeling the sting of losing these things will last a bit longer…and yet I alos think there will be much we gain through this season of difficulty. I like to think that no difficulty endured is without its reward.

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  3. They will have different life experiences than is, with or without the pandemic. Social media has seen to that.

    Loved the KISS pic. When I saw them, Paul came over the audience via one boot slipped into a loop of cable.

    I didn’t know you guys like wrestling. My younger sister was a fan in the 80s. She had to but both tix to get me to drive her. I took some outstanding pics of Hulk Hogan, Rowdy Roddey Piper, and Macho Man Randy Savage. If I stumble across them (lost), I’ll scan and post.

    Lemme know if you find my missing $100 bill and the connector piece for my fancy camera tripod (how do I have the tripod but not the connector??).

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  4. I am expected to not only find what has been lost, I’m supposed to know what was lost without being told. Sure… let me just reach around and magically pull WHATEVER out of my bum🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

    I try to make my family members put things in certain places, that way they can be found in those places. I’m lost half the time myself, how can I keep track of other peoples things?!

    That being said… I am pretty good at finding stuff🤷🏼‍♀️😂😂

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  5. That’s a lot of lost things. I usually look for something where it’s not supposed to be when it’s lost. I’ve had some luck there but I’ve discovered the best way to find something lost is to not need it anymore and then suddenly it appears. 😉

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  6. Wise words… That is what life is for, living and making memories. I’ve felt from the start that children and young people are losing out bigtime. And the younger ones don’t understand any of it. Been really hard for both age groups there ‘kidwise’. But you never know maybe you will mange to get Hawklad out for an ice cream. That would be something x

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  7. Hmmm…most of that list of lost stuff seems to be yours?
    We managed to get out for a drive last night. We drove to a golf club and got out in the car park and walked to the first tee and just looked at the stars. Nice memory. And first time for son to leave the house in six months. Next to work on getting him out in the daytime.


  8. Well you see, losing things is proportionate to the smallness of space available. This I know. I was once lent a book that had been a gift form an important boyfriend (or something like that). DO NOT LOSE IT, I was told. We took my bro’ to his boarding school in Ipswich where a festival was taking place. Only rooms were a bed and brkfst. Mine was that wee space beneath the stairs. Where does one put anything in no space? Under the pillow and that was where the book stayed. Oops. Fortunately it was returned by mail and my reputation was rescued. Silly true story proves theory.

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  9. My thought as I read about all the things that you’ve been missing is how much more appreciated they will be and happy those things will make us when we’re able to enjoy them again. I know lots of people wonder if there will ever be an again. I’m very hopeful there will be. I’ll be dreaming about it. 😊

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  10. I remember when I was little my mum made my dad write a ‘lost list’ detailing all the many things he had lost so far that year. The plan was to tick off the items that were found. Unfortunately he then lost the ‘lost list’! 😁

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