I wonder what it’s like not to communicate. Doesn’t seem to do the roses any harm. I guess they communicate in other ways – scent, colour, thorns….

When I communicate it too often messes up or the point completely misses its target. One day I will find a way.

I also said something similar about my football team. One day they will be crowned champions. I’m still waiting. The last time was 1926-1927. Even I am not that old.

So I should have known better when I picked up the phone to school. Maybe I could still persuade school to be a bit more proactive with our son. Give him a tad more support at home. Maybe even some feedback on how his submitted work is looking. Even possibly if school would work with me by using the enforced time at home to try out some new learning approaches. For example a more online and interactive approach to learning French.

Twenty minutes later. Well that went well. NOT. So basically nothing will change unless the school is forced to go into lockdown. At that stage more support and access to online systems will be opened up to all pupils. Must admit school is following Government guidance and is clearly experiencing some staff shortages. Anyway I got the proverbial Talk To The Hand.

So yes verbal communication is vastly overrated.

33 thoughts on “Failure to communicate

  1. Ugh. I absolutely hate talking on the phone. Especially when I used to have to phone the school. Which is an Irish-language based school and even though I’m fluent I’d always forget the Irish for basic words. Thank god I never have to do that again.

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  2. It is one of the most frustrating experiences you can have. I have never been able to battle through it, so sadly I have no advice except keep annoying them. It’s exhausting, isn’t it. So sorry Gary.

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  3. I have this feeling that your communication is hitting its target but the target is just wearing impenetrable armour. The flowers are saying something. 🙂 I see them very clearly pointing to the wheel to their right. They are saying “You are on your own, oh Pioneer. Out in the Wild West of unchartered education terrain.” My son and I almost died in childbirth because of medical malpractice. I kept telling the midwives something was wrong. They kept ignoring me. The next day after major surgery to correct the carnage they tried flattery “Are you a professional athlete? You just kept going and didn’t give up!” My response “Was quitting an option?” They didn’t answer that. They were afraid we would initiate a law suit. The one gushed on “You were like one of those pioneer women who gives birth out on the prairie all by yourself.” At that point I insisted I was no longer up for visitors. It’s kind of how I feel these past few years when people call me Super mom. I feel your pain. It sucks.

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  4. Every stay in line… let’s all march into the meat grinder🤦🏼‍♀️

    I see your RED roses… you’re such a rebel😉 Keep being a rebel! Do things your own way. I still think he should just study to test out. Be done with the whole school mess. He’s definitely smart enough and you’ve got the time.


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