I must have run past this monument well into a three figure number. Lots of times. I wonder when will be the next run here? 2021? 2022? or later.

Without running I’ve switched to more CrossFit and Yoga. I can definitely see a few more muscles but I’m not sure how far I could run now. It’s been many many months since I last put on my running shoes. My joints would definitely need a good oiling before I tried.

Today’s yoga was definitely interesting. 10 minutes of doing what appeared to be a simple task. Standing up from a cross legged position without using my hands. The standing up bit was ok, it was the getting down bit which was the challenge. How hard can it possibly be to go from standing up to sitting on the floor with my hands behind my back. Humpty Dumpty comes to mind. Give me running any day please. I can do that. But I guess over the coming months I will get the chance to improve. Not sure my bottom can cope with the bruises for that length of time.

We had two deliveries and the postman this morning. It’s unsettling for me to see each person arrive at the door fully masked up. Imagine what it does to someone fighting fears about germs and bugs. It really did spook Hawklad. Should really say spooked him even more. My job over the week is to rig up a post box outside to stop letters coming through the front door. Another thing that increasingly bothers Hawklad. As these anxieties continue to grow he becomes more clingy with me. His health professional has told me that his fears are so ingrained that they may not start to ease until this pandemic is under control and the vaccine has been rolled out and proven to be effective.

A clear time frame is starting to emerge on our lockdown. This is going well into 2021, maybe longer. That has huge implications for school, my work and our quality of life. Quality of life in the sense that our world will be the house and garden for the foreseeable future.

Running is not happening so I had better start to learn new skills. Skills like not collapsing in a heap when I try to get onto the floor without using my hands.

56 thoughts on “Sitting down

  1. I think at the moment all bets are off in terms of planning and timelines across many aspects of life. Hard to stay positive and keep going when you donโ€™t have an idea of how long. He may make small moves forward in that he can venture a little further, with your support. Who knows what the future will bring but friendship is a sure thing x

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  2. Yes, I suppose we all have to adapt, adjust and change to fit the circumstances. Itโ€™s not always fun. It’s sometimes really hard, but it will begrudgingly make us stronger. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Ugggh. One day we will breath a little easier. Hopefully we’ll even soar. Keep dreaming, Superdad. Stay out of that rain! โค

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  3. That must be so hard (Hawklad’s fears, ok maybe the yoga too, having never tried it I cannot offer an opinion). I know my own anxiety levels have risen substantially since this pandemic swept in. So, I can barely imagine what it must be like for him. I am sending lots of positive energy waves out into the universe, which, I hope, will find their way to you. Your strength and positivity is amazing to me. I don’t think you realize what a help you are. Your example is one I strive to emulate.

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  4. I’m sorry. That must be really hard on son. It is so common to see masks everywhere you go. Bob’s dad just dropped something off and wore a mask in our house. It took a lot for me to get used to, I can’t even imagine poor Hawklad. Thinking of you guys.

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      1. That is one of the big problems. The achievements from the past are shattered and the challenge is to keep them up as good as possible, at least… which might be impossible since the whole thing is lasting too long already.

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  5. Reading your post makes me feel blessed. I have room to run though I’m not a runner. I have room to bike when I want. That’s what I’m doing the past couple days as my spouse and I spends some time at a remote cabin some 2.5 hr drive from home. Stay well and hope you find ways to reduce the stress.

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  6. Well… it is what we have to deal with right now, at this moment…

    Not all of it is bad… you have had amazing time with him and thatโ€™s amazing โค๏ธ you wouldnโ€™t have had that otherwise …

    And while it does have its drawbacks – you were given moments with him that have been humorous and some are fun, you try to somehow sort of exercise lol – itโ€™s a little entertaining ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜„โœŒ๏ธ

    But that time with him at this moment… they donโ€™t stay young forever.

    Eventually he will learn little by little to get over the fears … we all have fears of some sort – even you.

    New decade so just learning new things โœŒ๏ธ new experiences … all together โ€œsortaโ€ lol

    When itโ€™s over somethings you will miss. ๐Ÿ˜˜โœŒ๏ธ donโ€™t count those off.

    Remember to try to cherish in the moment – because a moment goes by fast

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