The farm cows are good at making paths. They are pretty straight as well. Wonder if they fancy making me a path as well….

What type of path do I want. I could set my sights really low. Ask the cows to do a path in another direction across that field. Ideally on the usual dog walking route across the overgrown and perpetually damp grass. Maybe I could set my sights a bit higher. A nice short paved path across our lawn to the Apple tree. But I could go really high and ask the clever cows to chart me a life path for the next few years. It would be nice to have a sense of direction for a change.

A nice thought but actually the signposts are already there. Signposts showing the way forward. Just have to keep reminding myself to open my eyes and look for them.

Over the last few weeks I have been looking at what jobs are available for me. Need a job that fits round Hawklad and his needs. So ideally one which is largely home based with minimal travel requirements. With the current and likely homeschooling requirements I need one which is part time with quite a lot of flexibility. Actually a zero hours based contract makes sense. A job which I can do already as I don’t have the time or probably the energy to retrain. One which pays enough to at least cover the bills.

So I’m not asking for much.

As hard as I’ve looked no suitable job popped onto my laptop screen. Actually nothing even remotely suitable appeared. Then I opened my eyes and the penny dropped. I ditched my professional career as it didn’t fit around my new life. Then I was lucky in that I found one which did. The new job just about ticked all the boxes. That’s my current job. Even one of the owners kids are friends with Hawklad. They went to his school. That makes things so much easier.

YES I have an ideal job already. Ok – It’s not ideal in 2020 as its public event based. Public Events and a Pandemic are not particularly that compatible. So the work has had to be largely mothballed until life starts to return to normal. Probably a new normal. So that’s no work for me until that new normal emerges. Hopefully that will start to happen after we get through the winter. Yes that’s no money for a few months but we can batten down the hatches and get through on savings. The worry is that too many in a similar position but are not that fortunate with savings. We are even more fortunate as the lack of work means I can focus a bit more on the homeschooling needs.

So I’ve seen the signpost to a path. Get through the next few months and then hopefully restart the ideal job. My job. I did that all by myself and didn’t need the cows to show me the way. But I still wouldn’t mind that paved path to the Apple tree though. That grass does get a bit muddy.

58 thoughts on “A path

  1. I love your beautiful hope and optimism. Finding these in difficulties isn’t always easy. At some point, things surely will return. I hope when they do your awaiting job brings all that is needed. And in the meantime homeschooling and all that it brings are layered with good things.

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  2. I think that sounds like a great path. Your job allows you flexibility, you can do it without having to take on too much stress and it will pick up again once life settles. For now, use your time to support the home schooling, become a yoga master and the next Elton John on that keyboard! X

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  3. Please add me to the cow lifepath waiting list.
    Today my bank account hit $1,000 remaining and my checking account had a negative balance for the first time in way over 20yrs.
    Someone advised me, “you’ll have to start considering jobs with a long commute.” Uh, yeah… I did that months ago and still haven’t had a single response in months. But I get lots of recruiters asking me to apply for on-site jobs in other states… like a 4,000 mile daily commute is nothing.

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    1. Funny how potential employers never think of that do they?
      When I was made redundant (2001, I’m retired now) I was willing to do anything I was capable of to bring in a wage. Usual questions were
      Why are you looking for part time?
      Why are you looking for work paying less than half your previous salary.
      You’re over qualified.
      You don’t have a degree.
      You’re too old.
      best though from a temp agency ‘You’re the wrong shape.’
      I ended up with a job with a book company as a credit controller which paid well less than half my previous salary but it was work and enough to keep afloat.
      Good luck.

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      1. The interview I had just before covid said I was “too enthusiastic”. Wth?

        I can’t get a nibble no. No response at all to applications other than an occassional “positiom was reevaluated and eliminated”.

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      1. It will. I’m in extreme panic mode. I could cash my 401k but between stock crash, penalties and having to repay all assistance for the year (including nearly $800/mo assistance with insurance premiums), I’d have nothing left. I need to make it to Jan before that option works out financially.

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  4. Perhaps not having to work right now is the blessing in disguise, with all the stress you must be under trying to do your best for Hawklad. I am praying for you, Gary. That’s not just a euphemism. I really am. Don’t forget to take care of you as well. It’s so important, not just for you, but for Hawklad too. The work will come. Thank goodness you have a savings to fall back on.

    By the way, if you have path-making cows over there and you can make a deal to lease them for short times, you may be able to start your own business in the path-making arena. 🙂

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  5. Things have a way of working out but it can be so difficult not to worry and stress in the meantime. Taking it day by day, and staying on your path helps. Sending good thoughts your way. 💕

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