Definitely red, definitely a blueberry plant. It’s quite a few years old. I bought it from a local garden centre about 13 years ago. It was heavily discounted and looking very damaged. Clearly it was close to being binned. I kinda felt sorry for it. Since then it’s been a plant that keeps on giving.

It’s nice to have those things that give you so much in life. I tend to find that the best of these often come from quite unusual routes. Not the way I would naturally imagine they would come from. That kind of makes them even more special.

This blueberry came into my world at about the same time as Hawklad. Both were about 1ft tall. Thirteen years later the plant has trebled in size – Hawklad is now double its size. Well at least I’m still taller than one of them….

This morning I was thinking about some of the other changes the plant has seen. Yes the obvious one with the loss of a key team member. Aspergers. Much less visitors. Much less hair on my top. Too much hair on top of Hawklad. A mad dog. The Apple Tree is more unkempt. A mole and badger have become nighttime visitors. Some nutter starting doing yoga next to the poor plant. Far too frequent storms battering it these days. The nutter sitting outside talking to the plant but now with a decaf coffee – just not the same. People walking their dogs in the farm field but now wearing masks. Hawklad talking about 4 generations of Xbox’s now. Four different cars. Three different lawnmowers. A sandpit replaced with a football goal. A garden shed replaced with a weed patch.

Yet the blueberry plant is still here. Still giving. Not bad for something that was close to getting rejected and binned.

Definitely red, definitely special.

37 thoughts on “Red

  1. That is a special plant. I have a couple of plants that I have had longer than I’ve known Bob. My goodness, it is interesting to think of how much has changed in all those years since I first got the plants!

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  2. It’s so rewarding when you rescue a half dead plant and it ends up thriving. For mne it was astonishing as I am much better at killing plants. And it’s nice to have plants that have been through life experiences with you.

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  3. I love this – it is special. And you are a special person who recognizes that. This spring I was out shopping with my daughter for a few flowers for the balcony. There was one sad specimen that looked like it had completely given up – definitely on it’s way out. So, I bought it, more for the container it was in than the plant itself which was mostly dead. anyway I nursed it along and it came back to life with a vigour! It was so pretty once it was given a little t.l.c. Perhaps that’s the secret to life – to not give up and keep giving the t.l.c. that is in short supply some days. I think you’ve always known that secret. โค

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  4. I don’t remember our blueberry ever turning red like that. Wow! That’s beautiful! You’re very good a nurturing potential. That’s part of what makes you such an excellent father.

    Plants do better if I talk to them, but otherwise leave their care to others๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ’Œ๐Ÿ’Œ


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