I want to start this by apologising. With being largely house and garden bound, I don’t get out much. Haven’t got out much since March. So I don’t get to that many different places. That’s why you tend to get the same views in my photos, over and over and over again. One day they will change. Thankfully the changing skies try to help out a little.

Isn’t it nice when you look at reviews for something you are looking to buy and they all agree. It gives you a level of confidence about whether to spend your money or not. But when are we that lucky. Normally it’s five camps of reviews

  • The greatest thing since sliced bread, unbelievable quality,
  • It’s useless, the wrong size, wrong colour, doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do and falls to bits with days,
  • It’s ok but I’m not really sure,
  • Clearly reviewing the completely wrong item,
  • It’s a present for someone so it’s not been used yet……

How can people see the same thing in so many different ways. You end up being even more confused than before.

I’m looking to get a language app. Hopefully one which both of us can use. So covering German and French. I have an old one which is great for learning German words but is rubbish at actually developing my conversational skills. So I’m looking for one that can actually start to make me fluent. Son needs one to help with his homeschooling. So he can learn French. Improve his vocabulary and spoken work. In an ideal world it would be dyslexic friendly as well. So not much to ask for then…..

Rosetta Stone was mentioned by a few people. Yes it’s expensive but it covers both languages and is supposed to be quite dyslexic friendly. So let’s see the reviews. Well it’s either brilliant or useless. Fantastic for building conversational skills or maybe it’s only good for learning individual words. Worth every penny or a complete waste of money. The reviews were no help at all. I guess it depends on the person and what they need. So I’m none the wiser.

So you have to be careful with reviews. Certainly school reviews.

I remember someone asking me about son’s last school. I think I said ‘it’s very nice just a bit rubbish. Disorganised but it’s heart is in the right place’. Bit harsh but I thought it was fair.

Well I looked up the reviews for my son’s current school and it seems to get mostly really high approval ratings. As a parent that would certainly encourage me to send my child there. But then you drill down further. Yes lots of very positive reviews from parents. Comments like

  • Great school,
  • Very good on discipline,
  • Learning focused,
  • Gets results,
  • Responsive,
  • Good teachers,
  • Child enjoys school,
  • Great headteacher.

Still looking great and then you look at the small number of negative reviews. Something then strikes you. All those comments come from parents with something in common. Every single negative review was from parents with children who had special educational needs. Aspergers, Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Oral and Written Language disorders. Suddenly the comments changed. Now the language was

  • Useless if your child has an Education and Health plan,
  • No support,
  • Teachers don’t care,
  • Unresponsive,
  • Too quick to write kids off who need support,
  • Might as well teach at home,
  • Had to take our child out from this school,
  • Child is stuck in the bottom set and the school is seemingly happy to keep him there,
  • Child is so unhappy.

Sadly this is replicated in too many schools across the UK. It shows the overall school system priorities. Demonstrates the values of the Government. As a country we let down too many with additional educational needs. It shouldn’t be like this.

Sometimes reviews don’t lie.

41 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. It really shouldn’t be like that. Every child deserves a chance to shine. I recall somebody saying that a time or two. It’s the truth. Hang in there Superdad and keep being a voice for those who don’t get that fair shake. I’ve learned so much from all you’ve shared about autism and the lack of support.

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  2. So true! Neither of the reviews are wrong or false they just point out who the “product” is tailored to – the strong. Ultimately though I think it is also hurting the strong. No one though is writing this review yet “this is a really bad school for my overachieving all A’s neurotypical child and I am considering pulling them out because everyday they are witnessing the crumbs that are being given to special needs kids in their classes and it’s going to permanently damage their moral compass and make them a stranger to empathy.” People who would write reviews like that would change everything.

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  3. Ugh! That school… the entire education system… just… GRRRR! I’ve heard from some teachers in UK who hate it just as much. It’s the selfish government wanting to save money on necessary things so they can fund UNnecessary things to their friends.
    Sometimes the reviews are right!

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  4. If a school follows the 80/20 rule they would be all over the students who are struggling. If they’re looking for a decent average then why bother with the few stragglers.
    Saw that with my niece who was teaching kindergarten. Government cap on class size was 20 students. She commented on the poor teacher who had least seniority because that teacher might have the 20 plus 7 or 8 students that wouldn’t make up an additional class. Instead if they put 21 students in each class of the 8 kindergarten classes none of the classes would be compliant. With 28 students in the last class they were compliant in 7 of the 8 classrooms. The tyranny of stats and working with averages

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  5. I’m so sorry the school continues to neglect the kids who need the most help!

    For languages, did you look at Udemy? I use the site to supplement my IT courses and have found the star rating to be pretty accurate with little need to read reviews. I simply buy whatever has the highest rating. The frequently have sales so a tip is to create an account, fav some courses, then wait for emails offering lower prices.. most go for $9.99-$14.99USD

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  6. I need a Spanish app myself – I just haven’t had the time at all… if I come across any language apps that are dyslexic friendly – I will let you know

    Too bad we can’t just download information to our brains lol 😄✌️

    That must be incredibly hard – dyslexia with a foreign language … I am lucky I do English … I can’t imagine going a foreign language with dyslexia!! What a strong young man!

    I look at reviews, but they are not always right or good. So whatever I make my decision on how badly I need or want whatever it is, and if looking at it respectively seems like a good decision… I am usually very um OCD with research on things before I buy them – not just reviews

    I have ocd with that type of stuff

    And as far as your school goes – I do not like English schools or government – sorry you can hate mine too lol 😄✌️

    But I do not like that they are not supportive of kids with special needs!!! That bothers me soooooo much

    Are they just ignoring there is a population of kids with special needs ?? And how is that ok?

    Every child regardless of special needs has a right to a proper education!! Your schools fail epically in that department!!! Wow!

    That would be protest material over here!!

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      1. Ok let me break this down… you are different country than me… so we are different … those would be fighting words to me… there is no way I would accept those words… if I had a special needs child who needs help and someone told me they didn’t deserve the same education as a regular child – oh I be all up on that!!!

        So ok – let me understand this…


        According to this, it seems they can kinda do what they want, so as a parent you have to be that squeaky wheel

        So let me see piece by piece… according to that information on wiki…

        If a family feels that their child is not receiving sufficient support, they may take their local authority to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal to appeal any decisions the local authority has made on a child’s support.

        Call them out … your child is just as important as any other!!! Make them work for their money! They aren’t giving it to your child… so demand explanation… he obviously still needs assistance and just because of covid a special circumstances does not mean he does not still have the right to assistance and an education.

        But again I am another country… our ways are not perfect either … but there is no way anyone could tell me my child was not as deserving as any other child.

        I would be like “divert this 🖕” lol wow… that makes me so mad!

        Do you not have many special needs children in England?? Or they are just not protected well? Or ignored?

        Aspergers is difficult because while the child or person can be socially awkward, and completely go ocd on certain things … most children with Aspergers have average to above average intelligence … which is probably where you run into problems… he is smart – so they might not be classifying him as needing help because of his intelligence ???

        He must have a really high intelligence – I know you say he has dyslexia …

        Have you had his intelligence tested? I’m not talking about his disabilities … I am speaking of his IQ.

        Granted he has the dyslexia and that is an issue that needs time and effort … but I’m thinking maybe his IQ is high?

        You school may see his intelligence and not equate that to his needs??

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      2. I bet you his IQ is high …

        I think that because of the stories you tell – how he responds … I bet he is high IQ… cause then that would also explain why they cut his support as well… I just kinda think that?

        He just has to get around the dyslexia … but I bet his IQ is high!!

        Certain special needs aren’t always understood properly. Many have not had to deal with it or have any experience other than text book.

        Check out this article


        Just something to think about. He absolutely need support even with a high IQ… but I’m just saying I kinda wonder if they know he is smart and then that is why they are not providing the support he needs ??

        Just a thought ✌️

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