The road ahead is probably not musical. Bit early to dream of being a concert pianist. Just completed my first free online piano lesson. I fired up our very dusty and unused electronic keyboard and was ready to become the new Rachmaninov or Jon Lord.

Suddenly I had a flash back memory. I was at a funeral and my brother was sat behind me. During the service someone played a piano piece. After a minute of the ivory tickling my brother learnt forward and whispered in my ear. “He’s no bloody Rick Wakeman….”. I’d forgotten about that. That comment very nearly made me laugh out loud. Not great in a crematorium.

Twenty minutes later and my musical career is just dust in the wind. Clearly I can only operate one finger at a time. What’s the point of having two hands? Especially when one section of the song I was supposed to be learning, apparently an easy starter song, required what appeared to be a person with 11 fingers. Let’s just say it went badly.

So yes I may have produced music which sounded something like Donald Trump when he’s forced to release his tax returns. But that’s not the point. I did something which distracted me for a while. Yes it was frustrating but ultimately something that I enjoyed doing. Importantly something I can do from home during our enforced family lockdown.

So yes the road ahead may not be particularly tuneful but at least it has another hobby to entertain me. That gives me hope.

53 thoughts on “The road ahead

  1. You got this! Just keep practicing and I bet you will be a fluent player! A few years ago, I picked up a guitar for the first time. I spent about a year playing very easy songs and chords. I was a total beginner – but then life got hectic. My bestie is a music therapist and has always said – you really do just need to practice. But then you get it! Cate broke my guitar. It would take some getting used to again if I got a new one. But for now, I am going to watch you master your instrument to inspire me to start again. You got this!

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      1. Oh no, Cate is such a klutzy slob , innocently enough. She takes after Bob. She cleans her room and when you walk in you wonder exactly what she cleaned. She just doesn’t see it. So, one day she decided to “clean” and reorganize her room and to get rid of her headboard on her bed. Unattached and standing alone, the headboard fell and broke the neck of the guitar right in half. She was sorry, but happy her room was “clean.”

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  2. One hand and one finger only playing the same bass key โ€œDun-dun-dun-dun-dunโ€

    Let the other hand play around and go where it wants as long as it’s in time with the one constant โ€œDun-dun-dunโ€

    Dick around, play what you like whenever you like.

    Next job you’re a real life Zimmerman Shreds. NAILED IT!

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  3. I love love LOVE piano! It’s so much fun to play and practice, when one has the patience for it. ๐Ÿ™‚ You remind me of the funeral for Bo’s grandfather some years back. No one played then; instead, the funeral home had this generic classical music on during the visitation. When it came time to gather around the coffin, they played this SUPER dramatic operatic Hell-raising music by…Orff, I want to say. It’s the sort of thing played during action movie trailers. Here are these elderly people slowly moving their way up to a casket to play respects, and there’s a constant “DA DA DUM DUM. DA DA DUM DUM. DA DA DA DAAAAAAAAAAAA, DAAAAAAAAA, DUM DUM!” It was all I could do not to laugh at the absurdity of it.

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  4. Oh! And how are you two doing? We’re still working on getting Bash more help with school, but it’s coming, slow and steady. My new teaching load begins Wednesday and I’m a bit terrified. Otherwise we’re well xxxxxxx

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    1. I so hope your work goes well. Find a balance that works for you and it will make such a difference to you all. So pleased Bash is starting to get some help. Itโ€™s tough with our boys anxieties. But when we shut the world out heโ€™s alright. Him keeping in contact with friends on email is such a help to him. Keeps him connected. xxxxxxxxx

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      1. Yes! We must foster whatever connections help them grow. xxxxxxxxxxx I hope you two are doing okay. We had a little trip through the autumn countryside before my term starts. Feelings thankful. Still terrified, but thankful. And thankful for your friendship, too! xxxxxxxx

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