It’s almost the weekend, time to enjoy ourselves. Definitely feels like I should be a Fun Guy! Obviously being restricted to the house and garden doesn’t give me Mush Room to do that.


Before March weekends felt special. Different. A week of classrooms for Hawklad and work for me – we needed the weekend. So we crammed it with stuff we couldn’t fit into the week. Football, walks, movies, Xbox, games, talking, visiting family, trips out, food outside and talking in the garden. Weekends were fun, unique, different.

Now it’s all changed. Seven months of family lockdown have seen to that.

No trips to school. No work for me. Home all the time. Some stuff is now beyond us. But other stuff is still there but now it can happen any day of the week. Suddenly weekend stuff is happening on a Monday, Tuesday…… Its often the same routine across all 7 days. Weekends don’t feel so special now. They certainly don’t feel that different.

That Truffles me because I have a Lichen for the weekend .

We definitely need to work on this. Recapture the weekend. Make them special again. As a start let’s try the trampoline on Saturday. Let’s have an extra long game of football and chat in the garden. Lets get the table tennis set out. Let’s find a special movie for Saturday. We can do this.

49 thoughts on “Weekends

  1. I love the puns too. 🙂😁

    Yes, I agree weekends are rolling into one and I do go to work for a few hours morning and evening. With exception of this week, as its my annual leave in both jobs.

    Its been a more difficult week this week, after something happened that had nothing to do with me. But affects me. I am fuming, but I can’t do anything about it.
    Its come at the wrong time with everything else and costing me money.
    Due to that, means as well as affecting important things I am doing right now that I rely on it for, also means no entertainment in the form of dvds either.
    Had enough. 😢

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  2. When I started working from home in 2007, I made a policy to preserve my weekends by doing fun stuff–these days it’s gardening–and spending time with my family and friends. It’s more difficult nowadays that we can’t go out together to the movies or our favorite restaurant. Hope you find a way to recapture your weekends.

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  3. I always worked on weekends, and generally things tended to be hectic, so I had no love of Sat/Sun. Then I retired and sometimes I have to stop and ask myself, or a passing cat “what day is it? I’m sure you will manage to find a way to make the weekend different again.

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  4. Very Punny!!🤣🤣🤣 Weekends are when Daughter works, so I’m not super fond of them. I *do* like that there’s no Zoom School on weekends and when they’re over the GLYSB comes💃🏼🤸🏼‍♀️🎉✨

    Have Hawklad come up with themes for the weekends… like, hmmm… talk like Scooby all weekend, or eat only green things weekend🤷🏼‍♀️💌💌💌

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  5. I don’t know why but nearly evey day this past week I woke up thinking it was Saturday. Other than more neighbors home during the day, there’s no difference between weekdays and weekends in my world.

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