Yes much darkness but if you look hard enough – definitely blue sky can be found.

I’m sat looking at the window overlooking the garden. We are on the edge of a small hill. The last hill before the ground falls away and the ground is largely flat for miles. So I was looking into the distance. Looking at the brooding sky and thinking.

Sometimes I look at life and relationships and realise things don’t work out as well as I had hoped for. Maybe some things won’t pan out as I would have loved them to do. Often it’s just down to circumstances. Out of my control. I am just just forced down a different path. In that moment I was pondering which dreams I could still cling on to and which ones I should really put to one side.

Then my eyes caught sight of a small patch of blue sky. Yes small and definitely well into the distance. But still blue sky. I could so easily have missed that. Too caught up thinking about the past and an imaginary future. Standing by closed doors from the past can be both reassuring and emotional. Gazing at so many memories. Yes future dreams are important as well. They provide so much hope and direction. But they do not represent the here and now. You still have to remember to live.

So the little patch of blue sky worked its magic. Time to do some living. The future and the past will still be there in a few hours time, they can wait.

43 thoughts on “Can wait

  1. I am a firm believer in “what you think about you bring about”. You are a wonderful dreamer and a beautiful, positive soul. But you are right, we do have to live in the moment and not the past or future. I do think yours will be bright though. 🙂

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  2. Definitely need to LIVE, and Dance and Play TODAY, right now! The future is chock full of possibilities and potential. Dreams and goals are fabulous and having them keeps us warm in the cold of the rough times. But if we’re not paying attention to our surroundings right now, we might miss an important sign or road that leads to that dreamt of future.

    You got this!! We got this!💌💌💌💌

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  3. A very good conclusion. Yes, we must live in the here and now though our past is responsible for bringing us there and our future will start from there. My mother used to often repeat a quote when there was just a little patch of blue sky. If there is a blue patch big enough to make a Dutchman’s breeches, it will be a nice day. Keep dreaming, Gary, but never forget to live now to the full.

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