In England we like winding country roads. But occasionally we get a straight one. Like here, almost a French feel to this.

A week ago I was driving along this road and suddenly had a thought. Always dangerous with me. So I parked up and stood by the side of the road. I wonder what the passing drivers thought I was up to. Given the brakes going on the cars, maybe they thought I was a speed camera operative. About 20 years ago I was a civilian manager in a Police Force. It was decided that the handheld speed cameras needed replacing. To cut a long story short the traffic police were asked to test 6 different cameras under similar conditions. Six police cars went to a known speeding zone. Can you imagine the panic on the unsuspecting drivers who screamed over the brow of the hill to be confronted immediately by 6 police officer stood next to each other, pointing 6 cameras at the speeding car. Ones bad enough BUT SIX.

Anyway enough of speeding cars having the worst 5 seconds of their week.

I’d stopped to look at the lane because I had suddenly realised that I had been up and down this road thousands of times over the years and I had never really stopped to look at the beautiful trees. So that’s what I did. But then another random thought struck me. All about which direction to head in. Not easy to choose here as there are so obvious signposts. So left or right – no idea. Bit like life somedays. No obvious direction. Then a smile. My first bit of philosophical thought in years. Why not just head off in the opposite direction to which way your bottom is currently pointing. Yes that works for me.

63 thoughts on “Philosophy

  1. I love country roads. I have a memory from my childhood when we were on holidays at the cottage which was a couple of miles outside of a very small village (300 population). There was a road my dad used to take us on called The Forty Hills Road. It was up and down, up and down, on a dirt road. It’s still a dirt road decades later. I wish I had taken a photo the last time I saw it just a few years ago.

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  2. You reminded me of stories where residents get frustrated with speeding cars and sit by the road pointing blow dryers at cars so people think they’re radar/lidar and slow down.

    Thanks to less traffic and no school with C19, it’s extremely common for people to not even slow down for the 4-way stop in front of my house (some accelerate) and I often think about sitting out there with a black blow dryer.

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  3. A few thoughts … yes, the trees are beautiful! I love autumn colours, though I’m always a bit sad at thinking what comes next. I would have had heart failure to crest a rise and see six cop cars with six cops pointing unknown devices at me! They would have had to scrape my remains off the pavement. I’m glad you took some time to enjoy nature, my friend, but you guys really do need to learn to drive on the right side of the road!!! 🤣

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      1. None whatsoever … money can get you out of almost any situation, if you have enough of it. I’m happier, I think, without so much money, just knowing I need to follow my conscience and earn my way in the world.

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  4. Direction comes from within. And it is much like the event horizon of a black hole; whichever way you move, you will arrive at the right place. A platitude it may sound like, but a platitude it is not. The direction is love. And the destination is love. Love is eternal.

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