It was another one of those Yorkshire days. Cold, wet, windy, brooding.

That weather combined with a pandemic, homeschooling and our enforced lockdown is a heady mix. A mix which gets me pondering life. Probably too much pondering some days.

I was sat looking out through the window at that dark sky. Sat alone while Hawklad did his school work in the bedroom. I was suddenly taken back to before 2016. The old small conservatory had finally fallen to bits. We had found the money for a replacement one. I think we planned for years of sitting in there, spending time together. But here’s the thing. We never really did. Life always got in the way. We always seemed to be too busy. If only we had found a way of slowing life down. Creating time at home. Seemingly having too much time on our hands. No excuses to not sit together in that new conservatory. At the time it kind of never really mattered. We had so many years ahead of us to do that.

Well that plan didn’t go well.

Here’s the irony that 2020 presents. Suddenly time has slowed down. Often a feeling of too much time on our hands. A lockdown enforcing time together. No outside distractions this time. A perfect time to sit with my partner and look at that dark sky. Thinking how lucky we are to have that time together. The irony is not lost on me.

40 thoughts on “Irony

  1. That’s not such a kind irony. I’m sorry for your loss Superdad. You made so many great observations in this post. Nobody knows how much time they have. It’s time we make the most of that time with the ones we love.

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  2. That’s why my daughters and I have a rule… we always tell each other “I love you” when we part, even for a 5 minute trip to the corner market.
    We never know… we have to make the most of right now.

    Too bad Hawklad is having such anxiety over germs… that would’ve been a perfect time to interrupt his school work with a Bounce, and maybe a pillow fight😉💌💌💌

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  3. Sorry for your pain. Thank you for aharing your heart and sharing something we all need to be aware of. So easy to take time with our loved ones for granted. Thats what I hate about this lockdown. For when does protecting yourself and loved ones from this virus go too far. People need each other, family needs each other.

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  4. I suppose it’s one of those ‘healthy perspective’ things. My husband has loved being home with everyone, although I’ve noticed he’s not too keen to actually entertain that loving family he’s loving being around all the time… 😉

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  5. If we could only learn to live today as though it might just be our last, our lives would be so much more meaningful and others would be blessed as well. But it seems our minds don’t work that way very often. A split second is all it takes to change our lives forever. I pray we won’t have too many regrets when our time comes.

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  6. When you say conservatory do you mean sunroom? 😄😄 I have not heard it called a conservatory / I think of music with a conservatory

    Well… you had no way of knowing it would turn out the way it did. Bottom line… let me ask you this… did she know you loved her? That’s what matters …

    Some sunroom doesn’t matter… beautiful thought and hope for future and imaginations …

    But she knew you loved her right? Then you good.

    You had vacations and time and even still have a piece of her with you. Sounds like you had a good life with her – she knew that – obviously you do too

    You can never turn back time… at least not yet… so make sure you cherish your moments – you still have a piece of her to cherish moments with!! I know isn’t the same – but little bit, he is 50% her

    Those skies and storms hypnotize me… I could stare off into those forever!! My vision gets hooked.

    I have to force myself to stop lol… otherwise I just be there staring lol

    I love the colors of the sky when they get that way… also that air smell is intoxicating … you can smell the storm coming!!

    I love to watch how fierce those clouds get – just the force of how Mother Nature does…

    I just really love watch a good storm come in… doesn’t matter what room you in to do that. You could be in a tent and still be amazing – you photo is beautiful!

    That’s just it… always take life and those you love as is with whatever … it’s not perfect all the time – never is … you were just building a life… that’s all

    Don’t be sad with it… I know is hard but now instead you can feel her when you remember that’s also pretty cool.

    Don’t spend too much time dwelling what shoulda coulda woulda … but do all that now! ✌️

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      1. Ohhhh I see… the weather so bad that you have that to kinda soak in being outside…

        I bet that be amazing in a storm though.

        We just use ours so we don’t have to deal with bugs and extensive heat lol

        I do not have one though – I just go outside and take my chances 😄✌️ could have used one during all the smoke though 🥵😝

        Maine is somewhat similar in winter they only have like 3 or 4 good months and then gets cold and snowy 😝 you never put away your winter clothes 😝😝😝

        You have to come visit California someday!! However it will spoil you. Big time!!

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  7. this is so poignant and sad…but yes, ironic. Makes me think of the many times i have lamented during this pandemic about times i have been able to just sit and do nothing but never appreciated them. It’s going on 7 months now, and i am just starting to do so…

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  8. 6 years ago yesterday, our real journey into hell started with Nick’s first surgery. Today, 6 years ago, by this time we were back in the ER where Doc told us he wanted to do another test, then we were told it was most likely cancer. It’s been a melancholy couple of days and it will only get worse for a few………but not as bad as before because I am living again. Thanks to my Jim. It’s out there Gary. Go grab it.

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  9. This is a sad irony. I am so sorry you didn’t have the opportunity to spend the lockdown time ‘doing nothing’ with your partner. It’s important to remember to be grateful we have that time. All too easy to forget to make the most of it. X

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