Another one of those dark days. But at least it’s not like yesterday…

It’s definitely one of those days that it’s difficult to work out how far we have got through this week. Think it’s Thursday. Possibly.

I was outside this morning trying to do my yoga session. I’m sure the yoga vibes lose a bit of meaning across the miles. I follow someone who leads yoga instruction from Austin, Texas. Often she is on a mat outside in the blazing sun. Meanwhile I load up the video desperately trying to keep the iPad dry in the driving rain. The yoga mat is covered in puddles. Any exposed skin is risking frostbite and I’m thinking that two wooly hats was definitely not enough. Don’t you just love Yorkshire. Inside is not a viable option as I can see a dog and cat looking through the window, just waiting to excitedly pounce.

We were outside last night having a late night chat. It was dark, cold, windy and damp.

Dad why on earth do we live here?”

Absolutely no idea son. I was thinking exactly the same thing.

We could be sat outside somewhere with T-shirt’s on. We could even be in The Alps walking about in beautiful snow.

Meanwhile Hawklad we are grimly walking around trying to keep warm while wearing 9 million layers. The waterproofing on our coats has long since been jet blasted off.

Dad we sound like a right couple of misery heads…..”

I think it’s a Yorkshire thing. That’s why Wallace and Gromit always sound so depressed and seek solace in Wensleydale Cheese.

Dad NASA are about to make a big announcement about the Moon. Wouldn’t it be funny if Wallace and Gromit were right and the Moon was made of Wensleydale or Stilton cheese.”

Maybe they have found intelligent life there. That would confirm its alien not human…… No one intelligent would choose to live in this weather.

Dad well it’s better than living on the moon. I hear the atmosphere is quite bad there!”

38 thoughts on “Moon

  1. Oh, this made me smile. Here in Kansas, USA we have some pretty dreary stuff outside as well. Not to mention one of the worst atmospheres for those of us that deal with allergies. As I sneeze and curse my year-round itchy eyes, I ask myself why I live here and then I look my kids and remember we purposely sought out a quiet space to raise them up and a good school for special needs. So, that alone keeps me motivated to stay. And you have this way of making me nostalgic lately! We used love Wallace and Grommit! My middle boy is a big cheese fan and always thought it’d be grand if the moon were really made of it. 😊

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  2. Loved it. 😂 I really loved this one. Superdad and Hawklad chats outside in Yorkshire’s miserable weather bring many smiles. Many smiles from many miles away. 😀 Stay out of the rain Superdad. ❤

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  3. Lol … the dog and cat look out the window wanting to pounce lol… what about in bedroom with door closed?

    In winter, when the gray skies first come… I do ok… I will actually love the storms for a little while…

    Our storms are just a consistent rain 🌧 constantly (if is rainy year) but our storms are boring – just boring rain. No excitement

    Sometimes I like the sound of the rain… as long as my roof holds up fine lol… I think we have fixed that – so we see. 🤨😄

    But if the gray and rain and cold continues TOO long – ohhhh god… you do get depressed and just miss sun…

    I am curious how I will be this year with it.

    I do hope for rain… because we need it… drought would be bad… but not too much rain cause it would cause fire tinder next summer and also would cause flooding.

    Flooding not so bad in city areas but country areas flood really bad

    A few years ago – some aqueducts started to fail and a dam was in fear of breaking…

    That would have been very bad… supposably they fixed it and it’s been fine…

    They say we have “el niña” again which would mean kind of a dry winter 😳 a dry winter be really bad fire season next year – but not much left to burn 😳

    But yeah winter can be depressing – those gray skies and bad weather – plus cold…

    I need the sun ☀️… it makes you happy and warm 💛

    Luckily our winter is not too long. The weather here spoils you cause isn’t too bad. You have long springs and summers

    It’s just now gotten chillier (and by chiller I mean 80’s 😄✌️ 26c+) lol

    Not quite time for heater yet and I’m still pushing the summer clothes ✌️

    Been beautiful and sunny… perfect temps… which is good cause is easing me into winter

    I hate those years that go … hot hot hot summer and then boom no lead up… straight on winter lol… my body does not like severe weather changes really fast lol

    So your weather isn’t the best … your skies look beautiful though!!

    Do you ever just let it rain down on you and maybe jump in puddles and enjoy that? Sometimes I like being out in rain – sometimes is fun.

    In New England, being out when is snowing is beautiful ❤️ cold but beautiful … I love that incredible silence when it snows ❤️❤️❤️ you just have to be bundled but that silence is incredible!! ❤️


      1. 😄😄 yeah I can see how be not good ALL THE TIME lol

        I hope you be ok… you take care of yourself – don’t float away on me… unless you planning to float to California – then it’s ok 😄✌️

        But take care over there.


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