It’s another one of those cold damp bleak Yorkshire days. Hawklad is sat in his bedroom trying to get his school work done. Or maybe he is asleep…. I’m sat by a radiator watching the incessant rain rattle against the window. Trying to warm up after my really cold morning garden workout. It feels like this will be long old winter. A long winter on many fronts.

I’m listing to an old Opeth cd. Back in the time when they were still a proper dark metal band. A memory floods black. I went to buy this very cd just before the millennium. A time way before parenting reality found its way to me. From a music shop which would eventually sadly succumb to economic reality. With the gatefold cd in hand I went to pay for it at the till. The clearly just out of school assistant looked at the cd and then gave me a questioning look. He said something like

This is one of my favourite bands but it’s very heavy dude. Might not be your thing. I can show you the section with the more mainstream rock cds”

I stopped him before he got they chance to mention The Moody Blues. I pointed out to him that I had in fact all of Opeth’s records. And while he was probably still in nappies watching the Care Bears I was at gigs watching the likes of Motörhead and Black Sabbath. After that we had a laugh and he admitted that when he saw me walk into the shop he had switched the music he was playing from Iron Maiden to Deacon Blue. I admitted that I had seen Maiden but strangely forget to add that I had also seen Deacon Blue as well…..

A happy, long forgotten memory…. A memory which took my mind off winter for a few precious minutes.

51 thoughts on “Forgotten Memory

  1. I’ve long been a metalhead, but I have found in my older age, I am listening to harsher stuff than I would have in my teens and twenties. My kid thinks I am trying to be an e-girl, whatever that is, but I just really like newer stuff like Motionless In White and Falling In Reverse. Maybe because I am so old I’ve accumulated enough reasons to want to listen to angry music to match my ‘life kinda sucks for adults’ mind frame.
    To throw in a ‘oh, this is mortifying to admit’ factoid…I really like the new Miley Cyrus song “Midnight Sky”. And I don’t like that pop music drivel but…I like that song.
    Labels are for soup cans. If music moves you, go with it, age be darned.

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  2. I found “Gary Numan: Savage In Manchester” on Prime tonight and treated myself to it. I have his full orchestra concert on DVD but haven’t watched it yet because I can only play DVDs on my computer – the one that doesn’t cast to TVs. It’s been a good day for music!@

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  3. I remember seeing Motorhead and Opeth play at various festivals. I’ve also seen Rush, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Quo to name but a few. I’d love to have seen Led Zep, but alas I was a bit too young at the time.

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  4. Memories are good. Unfortunately my memories need some jogging…. they are out of shape. 😀 I have gotten too old. Time to make some new memories. 😊 Winter will come and go…. we can get through it.

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      1. I knew you were going to say I’m not old. She’s not getting any younger! 😮 The memory I made today was very wet and cold…. those blue skies vanished over night! That should be illegal. 😑

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  5. Ooh-my dad is not so much into them now, but he was apparently big on Black Sabbath before I came along, though it was actually Alice Cooper that brought him to my mom ( Ah, a great story there but a bit involved for a simple comment here.🙂). Anyway, fun memory you share here! I personally love astounding people.😊But, what reactions I get about my tastes in general, music and otherwise, depends entirely on the age. Young whippersnappers, it’s all about-“Umm…what or who in the world is that?” And then, I get to inform them! (And *try* not to go overboard with my lecture. 😁) My elders, on the other hand usually get shocked I know so much of *their* generation’s stuff. As well as the generation before that and so on. Raising my kiddos to similarly throw people for a loop. My middle boy is the best taker on this sort of education. 😊

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  6. Ah Deacon Blue? Once played a piano with their front man. In the middle of how cold and dark it can get in this climate we all tae mind certain things, even music shops as were. Where we are they were always subversive places of the best kind. so this post is very interesting.

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      1. Nah. it was before he made it when he was with his first wife. We went about with them a lot in these days and we were all involved in these Shakespearean dinner evenings. I think I might have a photo of him as the jester. he did the welcoming in and sang some of the songs from Shakespeare that he put piano music to. Another life actually.

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      2. That is such a super cool memory. I’m trying to think of the famous people I’ve bumped into. Met Kevin Keegan briefly once. The England rugby captain once trod on my foot At Wimbledon. Enoch Powell stood next to me on a tube once, he gave me such a look….

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      3. I hope you gave him one back. The other famous person I knew way back was Albert Watson the photographer. His wife taught at my primary school. But he was best pals with my brother in law at art college. He was best man and Liz was the matron of honor at my sisters’ wedding.

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  7. I’ve never heard of Opeth… I just went and listened to a few songs… I like “Era” and “Porcelain Heart”… not so much “The Grand Conjuration”, never cared for screamo🤷🏼‍♀️

    Seems that memory was a bit of sunshine on a dreary day. Sunshine from within.😉💌💌💌

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  8. And what is wrong with The Moody Blues? Guess you don’t have the wildest dreams then 😘✌️

    I have a wide variety of musical likes… I like a little of all kinds…

    But you are definitely WAY heavier than me!!!

    I was not heavy metal much … I am more um dance/pop/rap the most… in high school for awhile I went skater music 🛹 lol – cause that was hot lol… I was in love with Red Hot Chili Peppers for little while lol ✌️

    I like a little sprinkle of everything – nothing wrong with Moody Blues ❤️💙 wildest dreams is one of my favorite songs ❤️

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      1. Hahaha… middle of the road is good too 😄❤️ nice and safe ✌️😘 peaceful and easy

        But now if you paired Moody Blues up against The Eagles then ok – I’m right there with ya lol … I would have taken the Eagles lol

        But I like 1 of their songs a lot 😄😄 wildest dreams ✌️

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