We haven’t been able to visit Switzerland since 2015 but it still remains very special to our little Yorkshire family. One day we will return but in the mean time let’s take a virtual trip to this beautiful land.

In these troubled times there are certain thoughts that I cling onto. Thoughts that are so dear to me that they always part the clouds and make the sun shine. One such thought is that Switzerland is there. It’s still there and is most definitely still that beautiful.

34 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. Swiss Sunday on Saturday Night!!🎉💃🏼✨💫 My favorite Saturday Night destination!
    Thank you, Gary for sharing your memories and these absolutely gorgeous photos! The water and the mountains… two of my favorite things. I’m lucky to live near smaller mountains, but bigger water😉 but I think I’d feel right at home in Switzerland. Except in winter, then I’d hide inside next to a fire!

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  2. As always, my friend, your pictures warm my heart and bring a smile to this old, tired face. Thank you for reminding me that there is yet beauty in this world. Someday, perhaps I shall see it up close and personal, and I think I shall never want to leave. xx


  3. So to give me some more input, when you were there you not only saw such beautiful views, but also perhaps smelt: ………… and tasted the drink of: ……………. and heard: …………..
    I wonder if you bought some drinks similar and found something that smelt the same…. you might get an even stronger memory of the place. I have a lump of peat to remind me of Stromness and lily of the valley soap from Yardley reminds me of Auntie… Maybe on your next Swiss Sunday you could have some props ready and a blind fold to perhaps make your other senses go haywire?

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      1. Whiskey used to remind me of being a teen and drinking it with a splash of neat orange squash. Since then years have past and more recently I tried it again to bring back the memories, but now it just tasted all wrong. Maybe my taste buds have changed? Perhaps the squash is different?

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