Where have all the leaves gone! I tell you where, in our front lawn.

The last few stormy days have rapidly accelerated the autumnal transition. Soon the colour will feel like it’s been sucked out of the landscape. Just dark greens and greys. The hope is that blue skies will frequently lift the mood. A close friend likes to remind me that as grey as the sky may appear, a blue sky is still close by, just behind those clouds. Yes there is always hope.

That’s so like bereavement and loss. When it first strikes it will seem so claustrophobic. You feel imprisoned in a world of pain and sadness. No way out. No hope. No dreams. No way new happy memories can form. Everything has gone. That’s it.

Every grief journey is different, unique. But so many travelling those roads will eventually in their own time find a way out of the darkness. Clouds will start to part and blue skies will slowly appear again. Hope and dreams will start to form again. You can start to build again. Start to live again.

50 thoughts on “All gone

  1. When we were flying back home from Edmonton after my hubby’s rather long hospitalization it was raining. The skies were heavy yet aboard the plane once we lifted up into the skies the sun was shining. I could look down at the clouds below us. It was amazing and a good reminder that life is not so gray, just our perspective at times. I love that analogy you make here. Blue skies do show up again, we just have to hold on until the clouds clear off.

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  2. It always strikes me as being wonderful how bare trees allow us to see the sky and the wonderful patterns of the trees’ branches against the wintery sunsets and sunrises.
    Your post made me think of the line from Oscar Wilde’s poem, The Ballad of Reading Jail:

    ‘That little tent of blue we prisoners call the sky.’

    Yes, there is hope …

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