A brief few minutes of decent weather before the next wave of wet and windy ‘yuk’ arrives. It’s good to get outside to breathe even if it only for a short while. Having said that. Try telling that to a dog. A dog who has taken one look at the weather and decided to hibernate inside. Can’t blame him really. Cold wet grass or playing with a toy on the sofa. Not really a tough call.

I remember after my partner died that I felt like hibernating. Straight after a death you are constantly forced out to sort out death certificates, funeral arrangements, banks, legal stuff, family, friends and acquaintances (many you have no idea who they are). It’s the last thing you want to do but you just have to. But then after your back from the funeral it starts to change. The requirements to venture out start to diminish. In my case I had to quit my job to become a single parent. Apart from the school run and shopping, no need to go out. And that’s what I did. Started to hibernate. But home wasn’t a warm and safe nest. It felt cold, empty and scary. But hibernate I did.

I was lucky. For some reason one day I went for a run. Suddenly running was ok. I could avoid people and venture out. It helped break the spell of that lifeless house. Mile after mile running and listening to music. It was a start. I was outside more. Starting to breathe again. People would come later. And yes a mad dog would arrive to bring life back to the house. So yes I will grant the mad one a bit of hibernation. He’s earned that.

45 thoughts on “Hibernation

  1. Winter is coming and it always makes me want to hibernate. It isn’t only the cold, it’s the freaking wind. I could do with less wind in winter.

    I hear what you’re saying though, I have not yet had that sad experience, and honestly I don’t know what would be worst: me losing him, or him having to deal with life without me. I am in no hurry at all to find out which it will be. However, I have come so close to losing him so many times and the pain of looking down that long dark tunnel was enough! “Grief is the price for love”, so I’ve read. It’s a mighty high cost in my estimation. I am glad you chanced to get out for a run that day. I’d say it was likely the turning point for you. And now you help so many others in their loss and in their grief. I so appreciate you. Hugs, my friend.

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  2. You had so much to overcome. I’m glad you found your mad dog and running. You are a survivor and I am so glad for that, even though I know you have some really tough problems. You are so brave.

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  3. It’s safe and easy for us to slip into hibernation mode (and sometimes we need it). I think many are hibernating now with lockdowns in place. Getting back out in the world and meeting people is hard. Glad to hear you were brave enough to do it. Dogs are great for sorting you out.

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  4. I’m glad running found you and took you from your pain of the present and sadness at the ending of your “old life”… it took you toward new joy and your new life, never forgetting what was, but building new memories.

    Hibernation sounds lovely to me. Maybe a long weekend just dozing in bed. Having my meals brought in. Is there a place I book something like that?🤔😂😂

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      1. Yes, it is.
        Being an introvert, it can be so easy to step back into my old ways and not socialise hardly at all and with Covid-19, it is so easy and I want to, just stay indoors. I especially hate shopping at the supermarket. I rather be at home.
        But with the stuff going on with my mum and other things, they have been there as long as I have known them while living here. But I didn’t allow myself to fully open up until last year, when I became suicidal. They were both great and still are now.
        There’s no hiding, although my space is respected, when I need my own space a little bit, to re-charge.

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  5. Ooh, we are having a break from our dreary, too. Going to walk down to the school in a bit to meet up with my youngest-first time in days we’ve been able to take our stroll home. Yay! Enjoying it while I can because I know Kansas well enough to know it’ll change again in a heartbeat! 😏And, yes, indeed, I think hibernation can be what is needed for a time. My situation as a single parent was much different-my loss came through abandonment and divorce. Still, I relate to the need to hunker down with the kiddo (s) and give oneself space to heal. And, then, bit by bit, we find a new normal. I am glad you have your dog and your running. Both have great healing properties. 😊

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  6. This is what we call our new norm. And no rules expected. Have to get through it all in our own way. Keep smiling😊 and I hear you on the wet weather. It’s been raining my way for days and very cold. Trying to find a good book to read any suggestions? This was a post on my Facebook have many who suggested, but nothing has caught my eye yet.

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  7. Hibernation is essential sometimes. It helps us to heal until it’s time to rejoin. When I read your comments about running it makes me think I need to start again. I’m not sure this weekend is the time though. Looks like it’s a wet, windy and cold one. X

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  8. I would be hibernating with the dog lol 😄✌️

    Yeah I remember all that with my dad.. and then having to take control of my mom because when she would get beneficiary calls – they couldn’t verify her identity because she couldn’t remember anything 😮 that was hell!!!

    Ohhh you kinda isolated like I did? My life exploded with my dad, grandparents and my mom stuff… and the cancer and the ex… the surgery made me go poof and done ✌️

    I was not depressed but devastated and sad… after all the hospital and doctor stuff with the cancer – I just needed to get away from everyone – just leave me alone, let me be

    My friends and everyone was sooo concerned … I wouldn’t respond … I wanted nothing… just leave me alone

    I only responded to my actual blood family … and my police … because both of those would send out swat teams 🤨🙄

    I was fine … I just wanted to heal in silence by myself – I was traumatized. A lot

    I am better now … I am still private … you have to kinda get to know me and then you learn my story.

    And sometimes people will know me… but I don’t want to mention the story… like that guy at work… I just like laughing and enjoying work… he doesn’t need to know. I don’t need to mention

    The blog has kinda been my outlet and my healing a little ? Or a lot? Lol

    Anyway … I get you … I didn’t realize you did like I did? Interesting

    I come back to life a little … sorta. I will eventually … there are things that have brought me back to life. 😊😘❤️✌️

    But I still have a silence ?? Just ya know … for now.

    I accepted everything and I have stayed strong… I am strong with all of that now… I still cry cause I miss … a lot … I miss my mom and my dad … a lot!!!

    But I have happy stuff too ❤️ I have amazing kids who are incredible ❤️ I have wonderful amazing people in my life ❤️ I do love what I have … I just still kinda like the peace.

    I’m not really sure how to umm?? Well I don’t know – it’s 2020 so I don’t have to deal with anything I don’t know about just yet lol ✌️

    But yeah I understand you here ✌️


  9. When I saw snow coming down yesterday, my first thought was that I wanted to hibernate. the wind was wild. I do not like cold or snow or sleet. This morning most of the snow had melted. It was 4′ C today and it’s supposed to go up to 16′ C by Thursday with sunshine. That sounds more like an invitation to go outside. Hibernation can wait a bit longer.

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