Last nights Full Moon. Almost beyond my little camera phone but it had a go. One moon but so many looking up at it. So many you don’t know but some you do know. Looking at the moon together can shrink the miles.

That’s so important in these strange times. When travel is not happening. When meet ups have to be virtual. When the telephone starts to become your friend again (sometimes….).

The problem is that as essential as email, social media and the telephone are they are not perfect. Certainly not for me. They have a huge drawback. I can still feel a long way from the person I’m communicating with. Sometimes feels like I’m stood rather alone shouting (and hoping to be heard) across the county lines, country borders, across the waters. But for some reason looking up at the moon is different. The thought that others are maybe looking up at the very same moon feels like the miles are shrinking. As if I’m stood next to others, to you.

So the next time you look up at the moon just remember so many others are. Maybe even your friends and those you care for. It’s the greatest free get together. Something that even 2020 hasn’t found a way of stopping.

53 thoughts on “Full Moon

  1. This is so beautifully said. Yes, I was looking up at the moon last night as well. It was a perfect night for Halloween. Clear skies, mild temperatures, and barely any wind. You’re right, I often wonder if family, friends, and loved ones are looking at the moon while I am, it does make the miles shrink. I feel closer to others when I indulge in a little moon gazing.


  2. I feel the same, Gary. The moon has always been special for me. When I was in boarding school, so far from everyone I used to look up at it and feel better. Then when I had a trans-Atlantic relationship, even more so. It really does shrink the miles. I was watching it last night too.

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  3. I think I feel similar. I feel kind of a connection when looking at the moon. And I always have the feeling that the world is gathering in those moments, pausing and coming together with that same feeling.
    The full moon was amazing. In the beginning, it was huge and dark yellow. A dream!

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  4. I was definitely looking at the moon & Mars!! I tooka picture just as it rose, then got a text from a friend in another time zone of the same moon and Mars… I look at the Moon every night it’s visible. It makes me happy to know you were looking at it too!πŸŒπŸŒ πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ŒπŸ’ŒπŸ’Œ


  5. When I was roughly 19 and dating a Marine who was stationed in another state, we’d feel connected by knowing we were looking at the moon during our phone calls.

    I briefly saw the moon from my bedroom window at night but had a fantastic view around dawn as it was still higher than rooftops across the street.

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