Should really be listening to that Guns N’ Roses song while writing this.

Well I did put it on….

It’s November 2020. What happened to October? For nothing much happening it certainly seemed to fly by. The new month sees England about to re-enter a national lockdown. This time until at least the 2nd December. You can go out for education, to work (only if you can’t do it from home), to do some exercise, for a medical appointment, to care for someone and to shop for essentials. Pubs, restaurants, and things like non essential shops will close. Does non essential include Boris Johnson and the Government. Unless you are at school, university or work (as the virus is cool with those places unlike than well run, conscientious little cafes) you basically can’t meet up with anyone.

Is it bad that when I hear our so called leader talk I just utter the words ‘what a pompous, self deluded, lazy prat’. Actually that can be used for most of the Government. Worryingly Boris Johnson isn’t the worst….

For our little part of the world it’s not going to make that much of a difference. We don’t meet up with anyone really. We don’t go out unless for essential stuff. I have no work until at least March. Son is not medically cleared to attend school. Ok his nurse counsellor may not be able to visit. Food shopping might become more difficult. No chance of seeing family or friends. I don’t go for runs. But it is what it is.

Last night I took son for a short drive round the local villages to look at the Halloween decorations. Nighttime when few are out is the only time he will venture out. These trips out probably become illegal from Thursday. Do we care – NO. If members of the government can drive 300 miles with the virus and apparently impaired vision to visit family and tourist haunts – well stuff you Boris. These little trips out can be classed as medical and I’m just acting as any responsible parent would do.

So welcome to November 2020. Will it fly by…

47 thoughts on “November Rain

  1. I turn off volume or change channel if Cheato appears on TV. I just can’t take it anymore. Businesses are boarding up out of fear of rioting after the elections Tues… even though there’s almost no way ballot counting will be done by then
    And the Electoral College really decides the vote… whatever day they meet is when all hell may break loose.

    I’m glad you got out. I’m with Hawklad… the world is more peaceful at night.

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  2. I am glad that you managed to get out of the house if only for a short while.
    We have been in a similar situation in Wales with Mark Drakeford banning the sale of nonessential items, which is rubbish if you want to buy a mop bucket because you can’t buy 1 and yet crates of alcohol, bottles of spirits and wine not a problem.
    My thinking behind this is that they just want us to drink ourselves into oblivion because then we really wouldn’t care.
    The cost of this pandemic not just in terms of lives lost but to the economy is going to be quite devastating.
    I hope that you both stay safe and well and take care of yourselves

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  3. yes, it seems truly maniacal to have a lockdown, yet allow the least responsible of the population to attend public schools. ( and i mean no offense but young children are walking petri dishes). I am finding it very interesting reading blogposts from around the world of various countries doing a second lockdown , yet here many still believe that Covid is magically going to disappear after the election. So far, not even talks of a second lockdown, further proving just how far we are behind most major countries in taking action- which is exactly why we are in the predicament we are in today. Be well, and please take heart in the fact that you aren’t over here at least! hugs!

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  4. Our lockdown here in Ireland is similar. But there are exceptions made for autistic kids to travel wherever they want really, as “essential”. Our local Superintendent of Police kindly wrote a letter stating this and local charities sharing it for parents to print out. Maybe you could get something similar? Or letter from doctor or something?

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  5. You are actually very polite when you hear that bellend talk. here we have the tier system, put in motion by tosspot politicians with abso no idea of how it has resulted in streets being cut right across the middle, So if you live say, in one half of a semi you can’t do very much at all, but if you live in the other you can.

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  6. You wouldn’t want to hear what I say when T speaks! If he wins…and anything can happen….he will just let the virus run wild. I shall stay put and wait it out. What else can we do? We will get through it.

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  7. You need to do what needs to be done whether sanctioned by government or not. Yes, it is medical, therapy for your son. They have no right to take that away. Besides, you are not out in the public, you’re in your car where even if you had the virus you couldn’t spread it anywhere. It’s probably to chilly to have the car windows open. This whole thing has gotten so far out of hand it would be laughable if it weren’t so serious.

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  8. Oh that November rain song is beautiful ❤️

    I’m sorry ☹️ I have heard – we lead the world over here 😔 but we still open – which is why we lead the world

    They opened the schools so ya know – the United States always gotta be the biggest 🤨😔☹️ 💔

    I am careful… I wear the mask and the shield … and I wash constantly … I also stay away from people …

    If I catch it… it’s just meant to be that way… I protect as much as able… but I can’t control some of the things

    So ya know whatever… we gonna have to keep riding it out – we have no choice until they get this vaccine

    I would rather be on lock down.

    You could be here 😔

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