Way to go Yorkshire. Blue skies. Blue is such a good colour. Lifts the spirits. Let’s hope for more blue.

Not much chance of tthat yesterday. It was another pretty grizzly day. Much of the day stuck inside. Somedays I can cope with that. Then other days not so good. Yesterday was one of the not so good days. Definitely feeling cooped up. The small bungalow seeming just that little bit smaller. The prospect of many more months like this. Sone Aspergers related anxieties are not going to be leaving our house any time soon. Definitely needed to breathe.

So late at night I took some rubbish to the wheelie bin at the side of the road. A few seconds later I found myself stood in the middle of the road. We have no street lights so it was pitch black. Hardly any lights from the other houses as well. For the first time that day I felt like I was breathing.

Do you know how you can tell the main difference between city and village life. Try to stand in a city street at night – it’s not going to end well really quickly. Last night I checked my watch. I had stood alone on the road for just under 10 minutes. Absolutely nothing.

Yes it’s good to breathe.

54 thoughts on “Blue

  1. Yes, I am trying to keep breathing as I watch the map of the USA . Far too much red. Definitely need MORE BLUE!!! God the anguish of waiting and whatever the result….I am appalled.


  2. Sometimes I feel trapped in this small apartment, especially when the weather is horrid. We all have to find ways to breathe through the hard days, the challenging days, the days when we just want to run away. I have lived in both rural areas and in cities, I’d much prefer the countryside, but we need to be near hospitals and other services so the city is where we have to be. At any rate, I know exactly what you mean. There is a peace in standing on a country road at night. It can be pretty dark, but so peaceful. It does allow for a person to breathe deeply and satisfyingly. I am grateful for the green space behind our building that provides a place to breathe in the middle of the city.

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  3. Isn’t that both beautiful and heartbreaking at once? I can’t imagine just standing stranded on the street for minutes altogether doing nothing. It appears another level of sadness to me.


  4. I have only been in places that dark and quiet when I was camping.
    My house is on a busy 5 lane street. Standing in it at any time, day or night is very bad idea!

    Yours sounds like the perfect antidote to claustrophobia though… the stars must be amazing!!!πŸ’ŒπŸ’ŒπŸ’Œ

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