From a time when running was still an option for me. This photo was taken a year ago. Who would have thought that a year later I would be looking at this view as something so precious. I ran this trail on my last run which was back in March. No sign of running here any time soon. Wonder if anything has changed?

8 months without a run. I can’t believe that. 8 months.

I was thinking how much I missed it. Running was good for me. Apart from the fitness element it also was good for my soul. A wonderful stress buster. But I guess as one door closes another opens. Who would have thought that I would become a regular yoga dude. And quite enjoy it. Not as much as running but let’s give it time.

And now there is something else.

Tai Chi

Yep I’ve started doing that as well now. It’s basically yoga without falling over….. Let’s see how it goes. Its going to be fun. It’s something different. I definitely feel like a Tai Chi lego figure guide will be coming soon…..

These are odd times. The old normal has stopped. We just have to adapt. Find ways to do more than just survive. Need to keep living.

Find new ways to run.

50 thoughts on “Tai Chi

  1. I am sorry you are not able to run. I agree – it isn’t just about the running it is about clearing your brain. I hope Tai Chi helps you with that, which I think it will. Keep us posted!

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      1. I am able to get out when D goes to school. I’m out of shape, so I don’t go far and I don’t go fast, but it is nice to be able to run. I’m sorry you can’t get out. I’ll run one for you.

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  2. I’m an Astronomy Scientist AND a Photographer… not to mention a darn good “taper” Peasant… if I can be all those things since March, you can be a Tai Chi Yoga Dude!!

    Can’t wait for the Lego version πŸ’ƒπŸΌβœ¨πŸ€—πŸ₯°

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  3. I love Tai Chi, but haven’t practiced in more years than I want to admit to….perhaps it’s time I check YouTube for videos. It is an excellent exercise routine for old bones like mine. LOL I was introduced to it many years ago (never mind how many haha). I am glad you are finding ways to keep on “running”. God bless and keep you and Hawklad safe.

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  4. I’m happy that you’ve found a replacement for running in yoga and Tai chi. I also started Tai Chi but space around me is not suitable for that kind of movement so I’m back to yoga and meditation. You should’ve seen me trying to practice Tai chi in my one roomed apartment… πŸ˜‚ I don’t like public spaces especially here in Kenya doing things people don’t understand attracts an unwanted crowd and questions I don’t want to answer.

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  5. Oh my god, since I’ve had to start taking a larger dose of my cholesterol. My body keeps aching, like I did exercise the day before, when I haven’t and I only just figured it out today.


  6. The odd times seem to keep getting odder. Will babies born in 2020 be called The Odd Generation? I would love to see what gets written in history books 100 years or so from now!


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