It’s Sunday afternoon here in the UK. Sunday means it must be our weekly trip down memory lane. A lane which leads to one of the most stunning countries on our planet.

πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­ Switzerland πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­

Switzerland is such a special place for our family. Hawklad’s Grandfather is scattered here. His Granny and his wonderful Mum will be laid to rest here as well. Yes it’s 800 miles away and that sounds such a long way some days but actually it isn’t. It’s so close. Hope exists that one day soon we will return.

But tonight I’m living in memories. Surrounded by grey, misty Yorkshire weather. A place lacking in colour for days. Then the old photos bring colours flooding back to lift my soul. A reminder of just how special this alpine paradise is.

With a fair wind we will one day return. But we will need to think about that beautiful rocking horse. As the shortest in the family now maybe it’s my turn to ride it. How much fun would that be.

I hope one day you will visit as well. ❀️

60 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. At some point in 2021 when we’ve got rid of this dog crap year and things are getting back to normal, I wanna read a post that says you’ve just done something insane and booked yourself flights with Swiss Air.

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  2. Thank you. I needed this – to remember there are beautiful places on this planet that will fill our hearts and souls with so much joy. I think we each have such a place. For me, there have been many such places and I am always hoping for more. (I guess I’m greedy that way.) All your photos are beautiful but the one that touches me most is the one with the rainbow. Rainbows are such symbols of hope; of vibrancy; of life itself. One day perhaps I will take in these gorgeous vistas with my own eyes, until then thank you for allowing me to see them through yours. God bless.

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  3. I am amazed every Sunday by the number of beautiful photos you have taken from your trip. The ones you posted today are amazing, Gary. You know, I do believe that one day soon you will be here/there again!

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  4. Stunningly fabulous pictures, as always! I especially loved the rainbow against the backdrop of the mountains … makes me almost believe there might be a pot o’ gold at the end. And that little wooden cabin … I’ll take it! Thanks for a beautiful treat!

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  5. I looked and looked last night… then I worried, cuz I care. πŸ€—
    Very happy to see Swiss Sunday! Very happy it’s just a bit of melancholia and nothing more serious.

    I love all the water pictures but the rainbow is my favorite! I’ve been looking for rainbows the past couple days, with all the rain we’re getting… but they’re elusive.

    I’ll Thumb Wrestle you for who goes first on the rocking horse!

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