Tis the season for cobwebs here.

I made a huge mistake last night. A mistake the spiders seized upon.

Minutes after the national lockdown started our tumble dryer died. So it’s been all about trying to dry washed clothes, towels and bedsheets outside or on radiators. Not ideal when son’s anxieties are requiring frequent changes in these items. So the last few days have seemed like a constant fight to get stuff dry while stopping the house from getting too damp. Deep joy.

Anyway late afternoon I put some towels outside to dry in a brief break in the weather. And then somebody forgot.

So this morning I ventured outside to discover the forgotten towels. All completely sodden, cold AND covered in cobwebs. I counted 4 spiders enjoying their new comfy hunting grounds. So as I carefully removed the final arachnid I was struck by a thought.

Spiders are the such an adaptive and resourceful creatures. They focus on a task without an ego. They can produce such beauty. Have such patience and resilience. Have been fine tuned over millions of years.

I wonder if we could convince one of these little fellas to run our country until we finally get round to electing a decent and competent leader.

Just a thought.

54 thoughts on “Cobwebs

  1. I learned an interesting fact about spiders when our house was tented for termites… I asked the bug dude if it would get all the spiders too… we had black widows inside… not good. Bug Dude said Spiders can hold their breath for 3 days. We still had to remove the black widows ourselvesโ˜น

    Their webs are beautiful, especially when frosted or rain dappled.

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  2. Wow! Your spiders are fast workers to spin cobwebs so quickly on forgotten towels overnight. You took a great photo of the web. Ooh a tangled web to weave for politicians – haha, they might make good pets or mascots for politicians.

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  3. We’ve got a lot of daddy long legs around the front door, I don’t actually mind them. Funny thing is, they don’t seem to be able to keep flies in their webs, which is the whole reason I don’t mind them being there, lol

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  4. I remember my mother frequently saying, darkly, that “somebody” had done something that displeased her. I wonder if that is a British thing. I’ve fought to overcome my phobia of spiders and I certainly admire their work. I even rescue some now, up to a certain size. They would do a bang up job of running the government, I’m sure.

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