Tis the season for cobwebs.

I don’t know what it is but my car is a particular favourite haunt for the spiders round here. As I’m not driving the car much these days I’m pleased it’s found another use.

Today’s high point was a visit to the vets for the dogs annual inoculations and to check him out as he’s been sneezing a bit for weeks. It’s changed a bit since the last visit.

You now can’t just turn up and you can only attend during your allocated time slot. When you arrive you have to stay in the car and phone to let them know that you have here. I was informed another pet was being seen and we were next up. I had to wait until the red light above the front entrance turned to green before we could enter the building. I was met at the entrance by someone dressed like an Astronaut to ensure I had a mask on and that I had used the hand sanitizer. As I ensured high levels of hygiene, Captain Chaos was happily rolling about in the mud and other unmentionable items. Don’t know why I bothered combing him.

Once inside we were ushered into a tape marked area and told to wait for the vet. The Vet also dressed like an Astronaut promptly arrived and stood behind another marked line on the floor. After a few questions the vet carefully stretched over and took the Cap’s lead and led him into the treatment room. From behind the door I listened to the mayhem. Items knocked over as someone went exploring. The telltale growl as the Captain sees the needle. Definitely dog for you have another thing coming if you think that massive sharp thing is coming anywhere near me… Then the Yelp and Crying – he’s not the bravest fella.

A few minutes later the Cap bursts out of the door and he’s officially in ‘out of here’ mode.

As I try to prevent the dog from destroying the front door the vet tells me that he needs some medicine. The expensive medicine is handed over through a new protective screen at the reception. It’s back home to then immediately phone the Vet up to pay the bill – only telephone payments are currently accepted.

At least somethings stayed the same. The poor potted plant in the waiting room was well watered again by the Captain. It’s a tradition…..

67 thoughts on “Changes

  1. I had to do the vet as well during all this. For our appointment, I had to call when we got there and tell them what kind of car I was in. They came out to the car and took the dog and then brought the dog back to me when they were done. I had to wait then for the vet to call and tell me how it went and then pay over the phone. They forgot to mention if the dog left any presents though 🙂

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  2. Ooh hate spiders, but I love the pic of your dog! We can’t even go into the vet’s. We call from the parking lot and then someone comes out to take my dog from my arms and then brings them back after the appt.

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  3. My vet has been “curbside only” since Mar, when an employee tested positive and they had to completely close for 2 weeks.

    We drive to the vet and call from the parking lot. Wait till they call back to bring pet to the front door, where a tech takes them in. Vet calls with info and to get approval for any needed treatment. Wait for call to pay by CC. Wait for call to get pet at the door.

    On the brightside, they have multiple vets and each sees patients, so the waits are reasonable. But it was horrible in hot weather, cause I can’t run fan without a/c and turning on the engine. This Fri shouldn’t be too bad because it will be comfortably cold.

    But Toonces HATES being held…a problem for me getting him into a carrier and a,problem for the vet to examine him.

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      1. I despise not being able to talk with the vet face:face! Esp because we’ve known each other for more than 20yrs. Proximity was a consideration when I bought my house!

        Their policy is so strict that it even applies to euthanizing pets. I had to call 10 vets before I found one that would take us AND let me stay with AdamCat while it was done. There was NO way I was not going to stay with him!!!

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  4. Sorry, but I literally laughed out loud at so many moments….”As I ensured high levels of hygiene, Captain Chaos was happily rolling about in the mud and other unmentionable items. Don’t know why I bothered combing him.” , “Definitely dog for you have another thing coming if you think that massive sharp thing is coming anywhere near me… Then the Yelp and Crying – he’s not the bravest fella.” Sweet puppers. Nobody really likes to visit the doc xo

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  5. I see the Cap’n found a stick… he deserves a treat for not causing TOO much fuss at the vet😉

    I think all vets and a lot of doctors are doing the same routine. I haven’t taken Zeus in yet, but he’s due for shots soon. And Diesel Cat is a year old and we need to get him snipped still.🙄

    Sven hasn’t had to go to the vet. He has his own, special vet, should he ever need to go.

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  6. Captain Chaos is adorable! I love how in the midst of all this, dogs remain dogs. 😊Our two-Max and Rowsy-are due soon for a visit. Always interesting, especially for Rowsy. She had to have her eyes removed due to glaucoma a couple of years ago and so she tends to go pretty bonkers at the vet’s what with her extra heightened sense of smell and hearing.😏

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  7. That’s an awesome spider web! They really are pretty magnificent.
    We haven’t had to go to the vet for our cats yet during this but our vet sent a message saying you can’t go inside. They come out and take your pet in.

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  8. Wow, nice new layout! Love the photo! It reflects so well these times we’re living at the moment. Stay home, live slower and let the nature breathe!
    Hope your dog gets rid of the sneeze!

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      1. It is the eyes. We recently bought Bear boots for rocky hikes and he gives us the eyes when we put them on him. Just the why? What did I do? look gets to you.

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  9. That’s an ace spiderweb. Your vet visit makes England sound even more bizarre. If it’s so bad vets have to dress like astronauts, how can it be OK for kids to go to school? Over here we can’t go in with our pets. Someone comes outside and all discussions are held in the parking lot, at a distance. It will be interesting when temperatures are in the minuses. However I am still in a t shirt currently, so maybe winter is canceled. Going to have to get the grass cut again. Damn.

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  10. Off topic, do you ever see spiders break down their webs? I used to sit outside and watch them. Hardly anyone believes me.

    Spider season is ending here… getting to cold. I *might* finally clean up the cut down tree branches from last year. First I had no energy. Then they were covered with spider webs and that’s a big NOPE for me!!

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      1. Might be a SoCal thing since the spiders seem to be triggered by a combo of heat and direct sunshine, leaving only 1 strong “base” line for starting a new weave that night.

        Before seeing the unweaving, I thought the webs were broken by animals, wind, etc. It was remarkable to watch several days in a row.

        I haven’t been able to record it because we haven’t had large spider webs for a few years now. I don’t know if it’s due to climate change, the sudden proliferation of daring jumping spiders, or they being eatted by the wild critters..

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