Just about a year ago I had just dropped Hawklad off at school and about an hour later was running along this country lane while listening to rock music. Another 4 miles and I would be back home. Then it would be a cup of full fat caffeine and then get stuck into work until it was time to pick Hawklad back up again. How times have changed.

No trips to school, no work, no trail running, no caffeine and the MP3 player has not been used since March.

Since then the only running has been a couple of attempts at running round the garden. It’s not a big garden. Each lap lasted lasted less than 10 seconds. Who could forget the marvellous route map from one of those epics…

These days running has been replaced with yoga and tai chi. Or as we like to call them.

Falling over and Falling over with added style.

No need to track my route on those activities. Today I accidentally did track my route for yoga and tai chi…..

That’s kind of worrying as I was supposed to be staying on my small yoga mat. Maybe my tracker is not as accurate as I had hoped for. But I suspect a faulty tracker will not be an issue going forward really. Can’t see too many runs happening this side of Easter. But that’s ok. There are much more important things to worry about. And today I quite enjoyed Falling over and Falling over with style. Kind of felt like I was summoning up a bit of my inner Dr Strange. Maybe there is something to this yoga and tai chi thing.

29 thoughts on “Route tracking

      1. Ner, it’d be joyous dancing round your living room to your fav’ songs. As for me and yoga I think that’d be stretching it a bit. Please don’t ask, it would put me in an awkward position. Maybe you could ask one of my exbatts to try, as they’re the living personification of the saying “Better laid than never”.


  1. Did you read about the guy who ran a marathon on his balcony? That blew my mind. It looks like you are really excelling at falling over and falling over with style ๐Ÿ™‚ Made me laugh.

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  2. Aww… back when you posted that fantastic yard running “map” I was going to try to get your address so I could have it printed and send to you. But I realized Hawklad might freak out about the delivery. I still keep the pic and smile when I see it.

    “Falling over with style” made me think the the Laurie Anderson “Walking and Falling” lyrics:
    You’re walking.
    And you don’t always realize it,
    But you’re always falling.
    With each step you fall forward slightly.
    And then catch yourself from falling.
    Over and over, you’re falling.
    And then catching yourself from falling.
    And this is how you can be walking and falling
    At the same time.

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  3. That route map looks like it could be one of the time my horse was startled by a stray carrier bag and just bombed round in a circle for ten minutes cos the dog kicked into herding mode and kept him from moving any further down the track.

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