Just a little something to break up the dark greens, browns and greys. Definitely really appreciated. Si adorable…..

Dad why do they make French so difficult to learn. It feels like we are trying to build a fusion reactor some days. Not trying to describe what I did on a visit to a Paris Park.

Hawklad is so right. Yesterday he was given a long list of French words and asked to work out the correct endings for both Perfect and Imperfect tenses. How about first checking if the pupil actually knows the word first. Asking a dyslexic to write 40 words out perfectly (twice with slightly different endings) is like asking me to cook the perfect Soufflé. It isn’t happening and is basically a waste of time.

The problem is that in the UK teachers are not allowed to teach. They are basically just presenting what the Government tells them to say. The Government is not interested in pupils developing and growing. It’s all about passing one exam. Parrot Learning in the good old way Victorian children did. Only last month schools were instructed to not use any learning materials from sources which are considered to be anti-capitalist.

It’s really time to let Teachers teach and the Government can focus on governing. Oh hang on a minute – our Government can’t even do that properly.

53 thoughts on “Perfect or imperfect

  1. Here in America we allowed our colleges and universities to teach what they wanted; which has resulted in two generations chopping at the bit to destroy the very foundations of our culture, society and nation. In order to replace it with Socialism which has been discredited many times over and cost the lives of millions starved and murdered by their very own communist leaders during the 20th century.

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      1. Once upon a time long before I was born there were those who said the exact same thing about Hitler and his National Socialist Party.

        No one took Hitler’s blueprint of what he was planning to do in his book “Mein Fampf” seriously. And as a result millions all over the world died.

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  2. They aren’t interested in a well-rounded education, then. What and encourage free-thinking? God forbid. I am very out of touch with teaching here. When I arrived here age 16 I was admitted to Senior Year in a High School of some 2000 children, all formed into their cliques etc. I felt a right twerp. HATED it!

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  3. Yikes. Absolutely maddening. I am a firm believer in meeting students where they are. Blessedly, your dear boy has you to guide and you have him at home with you. In the midst of all this foolishness, keep slipping in those learning opportunities tailored to what works for the two of you.

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  4. Line ’em up… march ’em into the meat grinder… Pink Floyd was writing about the 40s schools… its nearly 100 years later and no better?!? JIMINEY CRICKET ON A MOTORSCOOTER 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

    Capitalism is working so well, isn’t it,!🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ Just ask everyone who cant feed their kids, or people living on the streets.


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  5. “The problem is that in the UK teachers are not allowed to teach.”

    It’s not just UK teachers. This has been a problem here since my children were in school, and my youngest graduated over a decade ago.

    Teachers want to teach and children want to learn, but governments get in the way, and children–future adults–pay the price.

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  6. I don’t have anything to add here other than I feel your frustration. My son doesn’t have autism or aspergers and wasn’t diagnosed with dyslexia but he simply cannot put down his thoughts (of which there are many and they are fascinating) on paper in any coherent or structured way. I’ve tried to help him but he is massively disheartened. The teachers don’t have time to support him and he now has a low target grade because they need to focus on those that are ‘easier’ to improve the grade with and will make more of an impact to ‘value added’ results. I guess my son at 13 now realises he adds no value in English class. Extremely sad.

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