A lovely start to the day. Looks are deceiving. Over my shoulder was a mass of grey YUK rapidly heading towards us. And now…

Wet, cold, grey and just grisly.

Another thing which is grisly here is DECIMAL POINTS.

Hawklad is dyslexic. That’s both letters and NUMBERS. 4,6,7 and 9’s can be difficult for him. Somedays they are fine others not so good. This is so frustrating as he is really good at Maths.

Something which is never fine are those pesky DECIMAL POINTS. He just can’t process them. He can do really complex calculations yet struggles to do the simplest additions if you introduce DECIMALS. When it comes to schooling it’s just keeping those fingers crossed that DECIMALS just don’t appear. They can mess up Maths, Science, Geography and Computing lessons.

His Maths Assessment Scores fluctuate according to those pesky dots. His last score was 60% as there was a large section on rounding up decimals and standard notation. He did another paper yesterday. This time only one decimal appeared. From what I can see he got that question wrong but was perfect on the other 16 questions. That paper as a final in 2 and a half years time would be so cool for him.

35 thoughts on “Decimal places

  1. Those decimal places are pesky. They get Catelyn every time. D is just learning them – but he never really learned multiplication or division, so trying to step into this new world is a nightmare. Yet, with the help of his aid, he is getting 100% on his tests. Ugggggghhhh.

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  2. Does he understand fractions? Could he just convert the decimals to fractions? Or is the whole thing just horrible because of his dyslexia?
    It must be SOOOO frustrating for him trying to decipher written words & numbers.

    They are testing Ben at school, his yearly IEP Meeting is coming up. I guess he’s cooperating with the testing🤷🏼‍♀️ his teacher said he’s doing good.
    I wish Hawklad would just choose Homeschooling and be done, so you guys could move on. It would be so much better for him. It would boost his confidence to do well, pass tests, stop doing stupid spelling tests🙄🤦🏼‍♀️
    He’s obviously a smart kid, he needs an education tailored to him.
    Okay… I’ll stop ranting now🤐🤐🤐😂💌💌💌

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  3. I was always good at any kind of math…except oral arithmetic. I could not do that for the life of me. My Grade 4 teacher recommended my mother get a book to work with me at home. I just could not calculate that stuff in my head. Give me paper and I was great, but I just couldn’t do it without. So I can feel for your son. It is frustrating to say the least.

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  4. I know how he feels! I recently attended one math class, turns out they shouldn’t have placed me in it. I took back the work book with me anyone, it was just paper. Going through it, it actually made me want to relearn math’s, especially since they had the answers in the back, lol. I can just work backwards, lol

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  5. I’m sorry about Hawklad’s decimal point and math woes. My son’s math lessons involve those pesky dots lately, too. My son has dyslexia that affects him in language arts and math. But thankfully he doesn’t flip numbers or letters around. What he can’t seem to do is memorize times tables. He has to constantly calculate by adding multiple times. And the steps used for long division are such a burden to try to remember. Anything that takes several steps is too burdensome – like when adding fractions with different denominators by having to calculate a common denominator, then calculate equivalent fractions, then add, and finally reduce the final answer.

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