We haven’t don’t this for a while. Draw a picture in the ice forming on the outside of the window. Then turn the room light on and see what it looks like on the pavement. Makes us smile anyway.

It’s a tradition. Something we repeat. We do it every night we get the opportunity.

That’s a theme in our Aspergers household. Repetition.

The same foods on the same night. Week after week. Things like cheese have to be the usual brand and flavour.

Wearing the same type of clothes.

Buying the same toothpaste and the same toothbrushes. The same soap. Even things like the same toilet paper.

Watching a select group of movies and tv shows, time after time.

The same morning and nighttime bed rituals.

The same subjects we talk about most nights.

Having the same objects in the same places in the house.

The same fun animal story we tell every night. We have done this since he was a toddler. EVERY SINGLE DAY. I dread to think how many episodes we have told.

Playing the same games on the console. Just a couple of games. Microsoft might as well hardwire them into our box.

When we could get outside, walking the same walks and the same routes. Driving the same routes on the way to places. Even if that means more driving time. If we vary then we need to double back and drive the usual route as soon as we can. Going to sit in the same seats in the same cinema. Going to the same shops. Going to the same fast food joints and buying exactly the same order. Going to the zoo and visiting the animals in the same set order.

Repetition provides Hawklad with security and comfort. It provides stability for him to build bridges between his world and the big mad world. Variations can and will send him into a the realms of anxiety. At school any change to the set timetable will throw him and severely effect his performance. So it is just how things are in our little family.

So if ice forms tonight, I wonder what picture will appear on the pavement?

36 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. Gary you have such enormous patience and understanding. Your lad is so lucky to have a dad like you. Of course you want to do everything for him, to make his life easier, but it has to take a toll on you. I really hope you will write about this whole lockdown experience. I think people could learn so much from you.

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  2. I understand the need for routine – D has the same similar need. I remember the meltdowns if we went a different route than the one he knew going to familiar places. Some of his need for familiar repetitive behaviors have dissipated, but then again new ones are born with new things. Love the pictures! That is a great idea.

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  3. I had a giggle at the driving the same routes, remembering, the side trip a while back and having to drive back, and go “the right way”😂 We don’t even think about the repetition and how odd it might seem to others. It’s just how life is.🤷🏼‍♀️

    I love the drawing. Draw me … make sure you draw me falling down though😂😂😂 oh, and holding a roll of tape.🤣🤣🤣

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