Walking through that undergrowth will do havoc to my legs when I’m wearing shorts. It would ruin my catwalk career.

I can think of something else that really feels as bad as thorns and nettles on exposed legs.

Dad what is the point of this. I can’t do it. Never will do it and it’s boring. I’d rather wash the car. It’s that boring.”

I know Son. It really is.

If I could drop the subject Dad I would just to stop this weekly torture.”

Sadly you can’t drop Computing. Plus you need to be ok with computing and technology. Apart from this little bit of the subject you are really good at it.

I might be but every week this comes up and I it does my head in. Every week.”

It is just about every lesson. It is really stupid.

Just why?”

Sadly that’s not the teachers fault. The government forces schools to teach this. They think it’s a good idea. Which frankly shows you just how little they understand or care about the real world.

I don’t need it do I?”

No you certainly don’t. Certainly not the way it’s taught in our schools. I was never great with it and I’ve got a Masters Degree in Computing. In fact apart from my first job, I have never used it. The way schools do it, they get you to use languages that will be obsolete. Languages that are mind numbingly boring. Ones which only work if you get every word perfectly correct and everything in precisely the right order.

Which I can’t do Dad, I’m dyslexic….”

I know. It’s madness that you have to do it. It would be so much better if they encouraged you to problem solve and then teach you to have fun with technology. See what brilliant things you can do with computing.


What are talking about.


30 thoughts on “Boring

  1. Try being an IT teacher and then suddenly having to learn coding to teach it … but then there’s always the bright enthusiast in each class to help you out!
    Hear what you say languages, but the principles are the same. Have you discovered Scratch … free from MIT.

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      1. Yes, Scratch is great. And might work for dyslexia as no typing required and a lot of it is colour coded. And there’s great video tutorials and a whole online community for inspiration. As my daughter says of traditional coding: “if I ever need it for real life, I’ll pay someone else to do it”.

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  2. Many many years ago, I was layer off from my job (I had no career yet!) The Canadian government at the time was offering a course in Computer Progeamming, and paying a company tons of money to teach it. I cannot even tell you the names if the languages I learned, it was so long ago, but Basic was still new, and C was just being released. I caught on quickly, aced the course, and went out into the real world to get a job. I was laughed out of every interview I went to, and I soon stopped going. C was an old language in the real world, and was already into its 3rd or 4th generation. The government program was useless, and I told them so when I went back for my next unemployment cheque. They didn’t care. For 8 weeks I had not been unemployed, and that was all they cared about. That millions of taxpayer $ were being wasted bothered yhem not at all.
    Great to know nothing has changed, except the age of the students.
    Please tell Hawklad I feel for him, and I don’t even have dyslexai. (Intentional!)

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  3. Yes, I kind of thought that’s what you were talking about and it must be hell for a dyslexic. Like teaching Latin was pointless for most. I never had to take it and I’ve managed all these years. When computers started we (at the airport) had to remember the codes to type in, but those were simple, not like the rubbish they want you lad to learn….oh dear. Tell him I sympathize. (Which will really help)

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  4. Being from the dinosaur age, we didn’t even HAVE computers in school. I know absolutely zero coding and I still somehow manage to have a pretty good life.
    Poor Hawklad, and poor Gary Kermit Superdad. The more you write about what his “education” involves, the more I think that most school beyond primary/elementary is a waste of time. How much do we use ANY of the stuff we learned in the upper grades?
    Maybe we need to go back to ancient Greece and use the Socratic Method with small groups. Of course, Hawklad probably wouldn’t like that unless he liked the teacher and was with his mates.

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  5. Love the photograph but not the image you imprinted on my brain of scratched up legs on the catwalk. LOL

    I did not learn much about coding, though I did have to do an introductory course in it, and I totally sympathize with your son – I mean, how many people actually use this? Very, very few, I imagine. Boring does not even scratch the surface in my view. Sending you both sympathy and hugs.

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