Wet, wet, wet.

This happened the other day. Have you had those moments in life when you think you are on top of things. In the zone. Finally mastering life. When in fact you have just walked off the edge. Living a complete nightmare. From hero to zero in an instant…..

I was out in the back garden. Working out on the patio. I had completed my weights and kettlebell routine. Smashed through 20 minutes CrossFit. Seemingly on top of my game. Unusually feeling good. Feeling so good I decided to enrich the soul with a few minutes of Tai Chi. I was at one with nature. Feeling the Chi surge round my body. Stress levels plummeting. Performing beautifully the ‘Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg’ move. AND SUDDENLY a manly cough behind me.

“Excuse me mate where do you want your parcel leaving”

I could see the smirk on the delivery guy stood 3 yards behind me. How long had he been stood there. The shame. The butt of jokes in the pub tonight (good job they are closed). Stress levels through the roof.

Don’t you just love life……

46 thoughts on “Wet, wet, wet

  1. Oh don’t worry about it. I once was in the middle of a full blown row with my horse for nicking hay off the pony and we were splitting up and job lot. I was so angry he’d nipped the pony on his arse and chased him off for a tiny bit of hay I got all his hay, scooped it up in my arms and stomped off with it absolutely incensed going back to the door now and then to show him how much he COULD have had if he weren’t a big fat, spotty arsed greedy git. โ€œLook at how much you had โ€“ LOOK!!! I’m not having that you’re an absolute disgrace and you know what? You can just stand there now and think about why the pony has his hay and you have noneโ€

    Mid rant came a knock on the stable door from the courier driver who looked like he’d been there the whole time but was too nervous to make himself known any earlier. I didn’t even bother to explain I just signed for it, thanked him and went back to horse divorce ๐Ÿ˜‚

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  2. What you do when no one is watching is your real self. No wonder the delivery guy was enthralled. Those couriers probably know more about us than we realize. Just like the people who do curbside garbage pick up. Just smile. And smile some more.

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