Life can be tough. We all go through tough times. It’s certainly feels that way with me. A few too many lows. Times when I felt that was it. Not getting back up from this one.

But I’m still here. Working out ways to really live again.

But one change I have noticed is that I notice the small things now. Those little things that I would so easily have missed before I went through the tough times. Little things that never fail to raise my spirits.

Yes big things can have such an impact. But they often need such an investment and are so difficult to deliver. That’s why it was such a mistake to ignore the little things in life.

Lesson learned.

38 thoughts on “Little things

  1. It is such a milestone to recognize and value the little wonders in our daily lives. Yes, the big ones may be amazing but they are rare. The little ones are always surrounding us and seeing and valuing them can cause the big ones, eventually!

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  2. So very true, Gary. When I had my transformation in 2018 (or whateverthehell it was) I suddenly saw colours I had never seen, textures I had never noticed. The smallest things delight me. It is very liberating! I have had some down moments since 2018, but it’s always something small that lifts me back up.

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  3. The little things are the best! And they’re everywhere, all around us, all the time. I got excited over finding a grasshopper in my tree fer cryin out loud🤣🤣 It made me happy though, so that’s what matters.
    Keep discovering new little things and keep smiling!💌💌💌

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