Goodbye brief bit of blue sky as the next wave of grotty weather heads in. Now it’s officially yucky.

Ok I know the apple tree needs trimming. In my defence the second last time I tried to do that the tree battled back. Someone ending up in casualty after a direct branch hit on my eye. Then the last attempt ended prematurely when the ladders started sinking into the ground and I had to perform a dainty little sky diving forward roll landing. The new plan is to wait for a severe frost and then try the ladders on the hard ground. What could possibly go wrong.

What’s really annoying is that over the hedge is the neighbours garden. It is absolutely immaculate….

It’s always been like that really. A garden of mess surrounded by oceans of immaculateness. Is that even a word… it’s certainly a big word for me. When we moved in at the turn of the century (doesn’t that sound a long time) all our neighbours had beautiful gardens. The house we bought had a seriously overgrown one. A lot has happened since then. Too much. The garden is better now but never immaculate. We like to call it a bit randomness in a sea of order. I guess that’s quite apt for me. Over the last few years my nice, ordered and safe life has been upturned. It feels like I’m living this random, chaotic, unplanned life while the ordered world continues all around me, oblivious to what’s happening with me.

So just like the apple tree needs a bit of order restoring, I will need to think about doing the same to me as well….

47 thoughts on “Yucky

  1. My neighbor’s yard is like that as well. So perfect. They have both husband and wife tending to the beauty. He does the yard, she does the garden. The grounds are definitely something I try to achieve but have not been able to. Even now I have a ridiculous spreading weed going through the gardens all around the house. It overwhelms me to look at one of the gardens and sad to look at them all. Don’t get hurt trying to trim the tree! I enjoy the frost for certain yard chores as well. Stay safe!

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  2. This was such an optimistic post even if the title is yucky. Your last words are very telling and it is a slow slow step forward. As for the apple tree does it really require trimming at this point and time? You really do seem to be quite accident prone. Hugs to you and Hawklad. 🙂

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  3. I kind of like your yard much better than I would a carefully orchestrated “perfect” one. I am not a huge fan of manicured yards. I like a bit of wild to remind me of what nature is truly like.

    You have been through an awful lot and still have a very, very full plate. Be kind and gentle with your self, as you would be with anyone else. 🙂

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  4. If it’s any relief: There are still branches in my side yard from when the neighbor “trimmed” (butchered) one of my trees 13 mos ago!! It came back twice as strong!!

    My new gardener is lazy. I don’t mind too much, cause he’s also cheap. But a vine on the other property fence is do out of control that I have to pull it aside to get to the lock and handle. I planned to ask him to cut it during his next visit – but realized he’s probably going to show up at exactly the same time as my New Hire dept Meet & Greet.

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  5. That blue sky looks beautiful. That doesn’t look Yucky – not at all

    And wait though – don’t compare your yard to someone else’s … stop seeing greener grass… why don’t you do that??

    Have you ever made that yard your own? Ooohhh why don’t you design something?? You could totally do little by little – we got time right? You would be proud. And then they look over at your yard and be like – whoa 😮… what has he done lol (just teasing 💋✌️)

    But you should make little touches to make it your own??

    Project and possible son involvement 😮✌️❤️

    You could do some pretty cool things!!

    Stop peeking over the other fence – love what you have ❤️✌️

    Miss you btw 💋

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      1. Lol… well at least was NOT your own parents that is a bonus. Only the neighbors lol … you say scarred so I’m guessing was not a view you liked lol 😄

        Yeah definitely don’t look over fences with hot tubs because yes of course!! Lol … if you had your own hot tub… why you gonna wear clothes? lol

        Oh yeah maybe because of the neighbors? Lol 😄✌️❤️

        Still though – I wouldn’t care lol … if they cared that much they would have put it in a gazebo or something for privacy?

        And some are turned on by possibly getting seen or caught, so ya know lol … maybe you excited them, be careful which fence you look over 😄✌️

        That is hilarious ❤️✌️

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  6. From the pictures I’ve seen so far I think you have a lovely garden. Don’t compare with the neighbours garden, compare with the nature outside all gardens. No-one is trimming trees and bushes there.
    Another thing. When I looked at the clouds in your picture I could see Scandinavia and Northern Europe. If you mask the top of the picture (the blue sky) I think you can see it. Unfortunately Great Britain is not in the picture. Could it be because of Brexit?

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  7. If you put up a ladder on the frozen ground, make sure it doesn’t start to slide…..when I see things that need doing in the garden my companion always says “let Nature take care of itself”. These days, I have no option, so I’ll get to see Nature’s plan!

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  8. It may feel that way, but the world is really disordered and chaotic as well…don’t know if that’s a help though. And I love your word, “grotty”. I’ve never heard that one before! 😊💕

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