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The school at home project has been going on for so many months that I’ve started thinking of it in distinct parts. The first part was from March to July. When all the school was off and Hawklad was part of a full school at home online programme. Part Two has been from September to Christmas. When school brought pupils back into the classroom but Hawklad was still at home. Trying to follow the classroom programme without the full support of the online education system. The full system was switched off as the government wanted parents to have no excuse for not sending their kids into school.

Part Three will be starting from January….

The decision about school is completely Hawklads. It’s his future, his life. It has to be his call. So last night.

Dad I think I’ve made my mind up about school in January. I’m going to be in no state to go back into a crowded school. I can’t still walk through our own front gate. That’s not going to change in just a few weeks. School would be too much. So I’m going to stick with working from home until the next half term. Will think about it again at the end of February.”

And with that Part Three will soon begin. That would leave just three more half terms left in the school year. It so does increasingly look like this whole school year will be home based. I guess the longer this goes on then the less likely a classroom return becomes. It really does.

22 thoughts on “Homeschooling part 3

  1. I think you’re very wise to allow Hawklad to make the call. And he is so wise to know his own limitations and choose what is right for him at this point in time. It may be that he never returns to the physical school setting. I’m not at all sure that’s a bad thing, though socializing is important, too. Whatever happens, and whatever comes, I know you’ve got this. Hang in there, Gary. You’re doing a fantastic job of parenting.

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  2. I really wish he’d just decide to chuck the entire British “education” and do a program with you. Test out completely and be done.
    I know it’s totally his call, as it should be, but he’s wasting his time and effort trying to keep up with his classmates. He’s too smart to be restricted and unsupported the way he is by government’s idea of education.
    … Sigh! Frustrating to see a smart kid not getting the education he deserves.๐Ÿ’Œ๐Ÿ’Œ๐Ÿ’Œ

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  3. Even if he could go back, they still aren’t helping him. I’ve read your posts over the years and his “support” has been dwindling before the covid monster struck. He will learn far better in home surroundings with you. Congratulations. You are a teacher. Is there some British program that affords you a teacher’s income?

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