There are some useless things in life. Things like

  • A open top bus to celebrate a trophy win at my so called football club,
  • Chocolate fire guards,
  • That unkillable plant that died in the Yorkshire weather within days (the Yorkshire Summer…..),
  • The last 250 pages of The Silmarillion (I can’t get through the first chapter after thirty years of trying),
  • My baking….

Now we can add solar power in Yorkshire to that list.

Son expectantly waiting for a festive feel in the garden.

I carefully placed the new solar powered Christmas lights into a tree. Positioned the panel in a place which faces the sun all day. Absolutely no shade cover to worry about. Perfect.

Only problem is this is Yorkshire. Absolutely no sun. But don’t worry the lights come with a panel that apparently works in cloudy conditions. Just 4 hours charging required. There is cloudy and then there is Yorkshire.

Two days now. Nothing. Not a flicker from the lights. Well on the bright side we still have 18 days till Christmas. Just maybe in 18 days we might just get enough light to breathe a little life into them. Looking at the forecast. I’m not entirely convinced.

63 thoughts on “Solar power in Yorkshire

  1. Oh no! That is cloudy and misty. We just have gray which is no problem for my plugin lights to brighten the weedy gardens a bit. Here’s hoping a bit of sunshine shines your way to give your lights a go!


  2. I never even heard of the Silmarillion! I am thinking I am not missing anything?
    My husband bought solar lights left them out all day. Nothing happened. He said he bought duds and was taking them back. I picked one up and the top came off the stake. I looked inside the light and saw that he had never pulled the little tab off that makes them light! πŸ™‚
    I hope yours do light up!!

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  3. God bless you both there as the darkness and light hours ebb towards the minimum light of solstice in just under two weeks… We have the opposite problem here I am waking too early… I hope you get just a glimmer of sun soon to make the lights shine.. ❀

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  4. Lol… Saw your commenter above had beaten me to it. Mind you ti does defeat the purpose somewhat I guess…..BUT it is Yorkshire. I saw some of my all year round lights flickering in bush this morning. I thought what is twinkling in that bush….? That it was some kind of magical sign…


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